Tuesday, February 12, 2019

When Calls the Heart || Fav Female Leads

Happy Tuesday and welcome to day two!

If any of y'all missed yesterday's post, I suggest reading it and then continuing on—don't want to leave you out of anything! In short, Rebekah and I are posting about the When Calls the Heart TV show all this week. Today's topic over here is favorite female leads, but be sure to check out Rebekah's posts as well. ^_^

* spoilers for those who haven't saw all five seasons * 

{ Abigail Stanton }

Leader of the band of women widowed by the coal mine disaster. Proprietor of Abigail's Cafe. Adoptive mother to Cody and Becky, mother-in-law to Clara. Temporary mayor of Hope Valley.

Not that I have anything against our leading lady, but sometimes I prefer Abigail's character to Elizabeth's. She's so strong and sweet, with a great personality, and I admired her from her first scene. Not to mention Lori Loughlin is just such a fabulous actress. Abigail has had two romances during the show—Mountie Bill Avery and Pastor Frank Hogan—both of which ended with them parting ways.

{ Elizabeth Thatcher Thornton }

Daughter of a prestigious family from the city. Schoolteacher on the frontier, originally in a saloon. Wife/widow of the town's Constable, Jack Thornton.

Originally, I wasn't sure what to make of her—so determined and so opinionated, yet sticking out like a sore thumb. But from her first word-match with Jack (or was it when she slammed the door in his face...?), I knew I'd like her. Elizabeth's love story with everyone's favorite Mountie has been a major focus of the show since Episode 1. Which has been adorable, but I'm wondering what it'll be like to see her character in Season Six...without our Mountie. *tears*

{ Rosemary Leveaux Coulter }

Former Broadway actress. Advice columnist for Hope Valley's paper, specializing in life and love. Wife to Lee Coulter, owner of the town's lumber company. Organizer of literally anything and everything—whether she's asked or not.

Rosemary is a character that I despised when she first appeared, smack-dab between Jack and Elizabeth at the end of Season One. I was fingers-crossed that she'd disappear before Season Two—which obviously didn't happen. I adore her character now though, and she and Lee are the cutest. <3 Now, rewatching the earlier shows, I can appreciate her humor and quirkiness even then.

So there you have it! I had enough honorable mentions to make the list over and then some. But several of those characters will be making an appearance in another post...so check back to see what's up with that. ;)

who's your favorite female lead? male lead? I'll talk about the guys later in the week! 


  1. My favorite two are Lee and Abigail.
    quilting dash lady at comcast dot net

  2. Eeps!! This party is such a blast as always! I love getting up each morning and reading your posts! :D
    Abigail is such an amazing character! She seriously has such a fabulous personality and she’s so caring and helpful, and yes, she’s a wonderful part of the show! Lori Loughlin is a fabulous actress!
    Elizabeth! Hehe, yes, at the beginning of the show she didn’t exactly fit into the coal mining town. Her and Jack’s relationship is adorable, or I guess I should say, “was adorable”. *cries* I’m seriously wondering what season 6 will be like too. We won’t have too much longer to find out though!
    *laughs* Rosemary. She is such a character! I was totally hoping she’d be gone after season 1 as well and was a bit dismayed when she showed back up in season 2. ;) I can’t imagine the show without her now! ;) Her and Lee. <3

    Yep, those three are definitely my three favorite female leads as well. :)

    1. It's so fun! :D
      I knoowww! From the first shows, she's so sweet and strong and compassionate. <3
      LOL, yes, she didn't always fit in as well as she came to later. xD Eepps, I know, so excited to see what the new season brings!
      Ahaha, saammeee. I didn't know what to think of her! She is a dear though. ;)

      *wink* Yep, I figured. ;)

  3. Abigail Stanton is awesome! And Rosemary is such a fun character! I didn't like her at first either, but now she is so funny! ;)

    1. She's just the best! Sammeee. She's such an epic part of the cast now. ;)

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