Friday, February 15, 2019

When Calls the Heart || Fav Male Leads

Happy discounted chocolate and flowers day, friends!

(Oh, do we not celebrate that? Because we really should...just saying...)  This morning, I'm going to ramble about my favorite guys from When Calls the Heart, since I already covered the gals on Tuesday.

{ Lee Coulter }

Owner and operator of Coulter enterprises, a lumber mill/company based in Hope Valley. Husband to actress Rosemary Leveaux Coulter. All around epic dude. Famous for his plaid pants.

When Lee first appeared in town, in the midst of the trial to determine if the mining company was at fault in the cave-in, I was suspicious that he was a swindler. Seriously, though. Dude rides up on a motorcycle and immediately catches Rosemary's eye? Doesn't necessarily say much for his character. (Sorry, Jack.) As it turns out though, Lee is a great fellow and his business the main source of economy for the town.

{ Jack Thornton }

Constable Jack Thornton of the Royal Northwest Mounted Police. Husband to schoolteacher Elizabeth Thatcher. Son of a Mountie and a schoolteacher. Man in the red coat, the town's protector. Fighting the good fight.

Ah, yes. The dude that rides in on episode one and breaks up a disagreement between the workers and the bosses of the coal mine. He appears in the trademark jacket and hat, prompting a young student to ask who it is. To which, Elizabeth responds "that's a Mountie." Quite awestuck, now that I think about it. Which might be fitting... ;)

{ Bill Avery }

Former Constable Bill Avery, now a private investigator and undercover detective. Co-owner of Abigail's Cafe, but only works there (meaning, cook and threaten customers with a rolling pin) when absolutely necessary. Has no family in town since his ex-wife disappeared.

I almost included Bill in my underrated characters list, because he seems to get a lot of dislike. No, he's not perfect, but he's a pretty good fellow. His sarcasm and dry humor is superb. And who doesn't appreciate a good ol' mystery-chaser? (Basically, don't hate on the guy. Because, I mean, what if he gets a complex?)

{ Giveaway }

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who's your favorite guy character? which item from the giveaway would you most like to win? 


  1. Oh my, yes, Lee's outfits always make me laugh!

  2. *rubs chin* so this is the infamous Bill Avery...

    1. Infamous may not be the most inaccurate adjective.

  3. Excited to see who wins the giveaway!!!!!!


  4. Eeps! I love this post! (All of yours have been great!)
    Lee is just the best! I liked him pretty quickly, although I didn’t see what he saw in Rosemary. (Now I do. Hehe. ;)) Lee’s plaid pants definitely do suit him. ;)
    Jack! I liked him from the beginning! ;D
    I really liked Bill from the beginning as well, then I didn’t, then I did, then I wasn’t sure what to think, and so on. ;) Hehe, even though he sometimes confuses me, I’m so glad he’s a part of the show and I definitely don’t want to see him disappear from Hope Valley. :)
    I also really like Frank. ;) Carson is a new great guy character in my mind as well! =)

    1. Thanks :D
      Ahh, he's so great. I loved the part where he led Clara into the makeshift "courtroom". Showed he cared about justice being done.
      Hehe, I knew that was coming. ;)
      He's definitely a complicated fellow, eh? xD Yes, same here!
      Ah, yes...Frank... ;) Carson is pretty great!

  5. I LOVE BILL?!?!?! And Lee. Jack...not so much. *hides* O.o

    1. FINALLY SOMEONE WHO GETS ME. xD Hahaha, not even at first? xD

  6. Lee Coulter is my favorite of the guys!