Thursday, February 14, 2019

When Calls the Heart || Collaboration with RebekahAshleigh

Good morning, all, and happy Valentine's Day! <3 Rebekah and I have a special treat for y'all today—a collaboration of the two of us discussing our speculations for what Season Six will bring to Hope Valley. Read on and then chime-in in the comments!

Faith: *waves* hey, girlie :)

Rebekah: *waves back* Hello Faith! :D

F: How are you today? Having fun with the party?

R: I’m doing great! The party has been a blast so far! Are you having fun? ;)

F: EEPPS, yes, it’s always so much fun!

R: I’m so glad we made this an annual thing!!! :D

F: Yup! I’m glad I discovered When Calls the Heart a couple years back...thanks to you. ;)

R: I’m so glad I discovered it as well. And of course I had to try and get you to watch it. ;) I’m so happy that you fell in love with it and we can talk all about it together! <3 :)

F: A friend in the fandom is always nice to have! Speaking of which, I suppose we should get down to business. So...what’s your #1 speculation for season 6?

R: Totally! ;D
Well, I would have said Elizabeth’s baby, but that’s already happened. ;) So, I’m not even that sure. I’m definitely speculating that we’ll be seeing more of the other characters now that the main focus isn’t on Jack and Elizabeth…
What about you?

F: Haha, yup! Although, I guess that’s technically part of season 6, just wasn’t aired with the season. Yes, I think so too! Which will be nice, if it wasn’t for *cough* that *cough* reason.
Hmm...well, I want there to be a Coulter baby, but I don’t know if that’s going to happen or not… ;) I’m hoping for some developments in Jesse and Clara’s relationship too. They’ve been back-and-forth for awhile it seems like, but they were “steadier” in the Christmas special.

R: True. ;)
Don’t make me cry, Faith! ;) that was so awful though, but it will be great seeing more of everyone else.
I’d love for there to be a Coulter baby!!! That would be so adorable and Lee and Rosemary would make such great parents! Yeah, I’m unsure if that will happen, but us Hearties can hope. ;) Some more developments in Jesse and Clara’s relationship would be nice. The season 6 preview kinda hinted towards that…
I also wonder about Abigail’s love life now that Frank is no longer around…

F: Aww, here you go! *passes tissues and heart-shaped chocolates*
I know, right?! Especially after the classic Rosemary moment in Season 3 (“Babies are so...sticky.”), it would be so precious to see them as parents. <3 Yup, the Hearties will always cling to hope… Yes, it did! I also saw a video on YouTube the other day that suggested something about a “new role” or “new season” for Rosemary. I’m not crossing my fingers that it’s motherhood, but you never know, I suppose! And I don’t remember the source of that video, so it may not have been reliable. Fun to consider though. ;)
Oh, good point! Wonder if she’ll get a new love interest… Although, you know me...I’m still hoping for Abigail and Bill to get back together… *wink*

R: *wipes away tears and nibbles on Hearties chocolate*) I’ll be okay. *sniff* *wink*
Goodness yes!! That scene was golden!! (and the mention of diapers. ;) *laughs*) They are just the cutest couple. They’d be such great parents. Wait, really?!?! Oh dear, well let’s just hope that it was somewhat reliable. Hehe. ;) Definitely fun to consider! We mustn’t get our hope too high though. =)
Oh, I never considered the possibility of a new love interest...Hmmm… Yes, I was pretty sure you’d bring up Bill. I know you well, Faith. ;) I do like Bill, but Frank and Abigail were one of my favorite couples! Actually come to think of it, out of my three favorite couples only one is left...

F: *winks*
Yes!! I’ll have to look that video up and, if I can find it, send it your way. Haha, yes! Hearties learn the hard way about not getting their hopes up… :P
*laughs* Sorry, couldn’t help it. ;) Yes, you do know me too well. Oh goodness, I hadn’t realized that! Well, I suppose it’s the same for me, now that I think about it… Lee and Rosemary better stay together...and healthy! ;)

R: Oh, thanks! :)
For sure….
Hehe. ;D I know! The writers are tearing apart our favorite couples. Yes!! Nothing must happen to Lee and Rosemary.
So, Faith, what are your thoughts on the two new guys who are coming to Hope Valley?

F: They’d better stay together until they’re old and grey...or until we are...or whatever... xD
Ooohh, good one. I knew we’d get to this eventually. Well, I saw on (you guessed it) another maybe-gossip video that the new Mountie may become a love interest for Elizabeth in the future. I’m...not sure how I feel about that. I’m not saying she should stay single forever, but the Hearties—and all of Hope Valley—need time to grieve! Also, Jack was much better looking...I’m just saying… *wink*
But back to my thoughts… I’m not sure. I think it’ll be fun to have new characters on the show, with different personalities to figure out and backgrounds to discover. The new Mountie looks like a fun guy, and the saloon owner/gambler/whoever-he-is looks a tad suspicious, so I’m wondering where that will go. ;) How about you?

R: *laughs* For sure!!
Hmmm...I think I’d be okay with the new Mountie becoming a love interest for Elizabeth in the future...but I’m with you, everyone needs some time to grieve! Even though it has been several months, that’s not really enough time for Elizabeth to move on. I mean, she’s been in love with Jack for so long. Hehe. *wink* Well, yes, I agree, Jack is better looking, but the new Mountie is better looking then the saloon guy. ;)
I think if Elizabeth is to fall for one of the guys it should be the Mountie, but I’m good with her just being friends with guys for now. ;) The saloon owner/gambler guy does look suspicious. I saw somewhere what both of the new guys names are, but I can’t remember. ;) I’m really not sure what to think of this part of the season 6 storyline…

F: Yes, I’d like some time before anything develops in that department. I know! And they were, like, so perfect together. Haha, this is true… ;)
Oh, me too! The saloon guy looks creepy—and probably older than her? Not sure, just speculating. ;P I wonder if he’ll have some sort of redemption theme or past. Kind of like Frank’s, but different. Just a thought. :) the Mountie’s name Nathan? That sounds right, for some reason.

R: They were one of the sweetest couples ever! <3
Yeah, he does look a bit on the creepy side….I knew there was something else that I wasn’t sure about, but yeah, now that you mention it he does look older. Oh maybe, good point! Although the Mountie seem a bit mysterious too… They both kinda do. ;)
Nathan does sound right! We need to try and look up what their names are. ;)
Another thing I’m excited for about season 6 is Baby Jack! I can’t wait to see Elizabeth as a mother! She’ll be a great one. She’s amazing with the school children.

F: Glad you mentioned that, haha. I wasn’t sure if I was just assuming everyone was suspicious because they often turn out to be, or if they really are. xD
Yes, we should. So we can talk about them without codes. “Saloon guy.” “New Mountie.” Haha!
Oh, definitely! It’ll be sweet to see a baby on the show! Other than the twins in Season 1 and Edith’s baby in Season 3, has there been any other infants on WCTH?

R: Hehe, nope, it’s not just you! ;) Although new people on the show tend to be hiding something, so we definitely have the right to be suspicious. ;)
*laughs* That should be our goal, to find out what “Saloon guy” and “New Mountie” real names are. ;D We don’t have much longer though until we get to “meet” them.
It will be so fun! No, actually. I think those were the only two times that there were babies in When Calls the Heart. The twins in season 1 were just in the very end of the episode and Edith and her baby weren’t in many episodes. So this should really be fun!

F: Valid point, my dear. xD
Yes, I know!! I’m hyped to see what they do with season 6. In the Facebook live with Erin Krakow, Daniel Lissing, and Lori Loughlin after the startling conclusion of Season 5, they promised Season 6 to be fabulous. So...I’m hoping for good things. :D
I know! It’ll be so cute. ^_^

R: Same here! I cannot wait to see all that happens! Oh, that’s right! I had forgotten that they said that. =) I think we can definitely expect this to be another great season even though there will be some major changes. :)

F: Yep! I’m really curious to see how that will look and what it’ll be like to have a different Mountie in town. There should be some sweet moments too though!

R: I think there will definitely be a different feel to this season, but I’m quite excited to find out what will happen! Yes, I’m sure there will be plenty of sweet moments! <3

F: Talking about this show with you and sharing our thoughts on the upcoming season has been so much fun!

R: It really had been! I’ve enjoyed it so much!

F: Until next time, Heartie fans! *waves to the readers*

R: Yes, until next time, fellow fans! *waves* Goodbye! :)

do you have any speculations for the new season? do you agree with ours? 


  1. Such a wonderful post today. Happy Valentines to you both.
    I would love to see Jesse and Clara become engaged. And Abigail and the pastor. I would love to see the Coulters with a baby and how it changes them both for the better. quilting dash lady at comcast dot net

    1. Thank you! Happy Valentines :)
      I would love to see an engagement and a baby in this season as well!

  2. I haven't seen anything about the six season. My family doesn't have satellite or cable so we have to wait until the season comes out on Netflix. We also don't use Hallmark. I may change that someday. Anyway, we're always a year behind everyone else. Based on what I've read, the prospects for season six are exciting. Thanks for doing this post.

    1. My family doesn't have satellite or cable either, but I can often times catch the episodes online. :) Glad you enjoyed it!

  3. This was a blast! :)
    I love how you put pictures in! Too bad I didn't think of that. ;)
    Can you believe that after today there's only two more days of the party left?

    1. I meant to tell you that I added pictures, just to see what you thought! But this was one of the posts I was working on at 1 am the other night, sooo. xD Obviously didn't remember!
      I know! The week is nearly over. O.o