Saturday, December 17, 2016

12 Days of Christmas // Christmas Movies

Hello everyone! How are you on this wintry morning? .... Okay, so it feels like winter for some of you more so than others I'm guessing. ;) Right now we just have rain, but I want snow SO BAD. 

Okay, moving on... Today I have some wonderful Christmas movies for y'all! :)

It's a Wonderful Life // 1946 

George Bailey is a small-town man whose life seems so desperate he contemplates suicide. He had always wanted to leave Bedford Falls to see the world, but circumstances and his own good heart have led him to stay. He sacrificed his education for his brother's, kept the family-run savings and loan afloat, protected the town from the avarice of the greedy banker Mr. Potter, and married his childhood sweetheart. As he prepares to jump from a bridge, his guardian angel intercedes; showing him what life would have become for the residents of Bedford Falls if he had never lived.

Ahhh, I love this movie sooo much!!! :D It's vintage, it's WWII (sort of...towards the end), it's CHRISTMAS, and it's just a masterpiece anyway you look at it. The perfect definition of a classic, in my opinion, and a Christmas movie I will be watching every year for...ever. Forever. *wink* 

Christmas in Canaan // 2009

DJ and Rodney don't like each other from the start. Rodney thinks DJ is an ignorant white farm boy, and DJ thinks Rodney acts too smart for his own good. After a school bus scuffle between the two, DJ's father and Rodney's grandmother come up with a clever solution that brings the boys closer than either of them would like. Living in Canaan, Texas in the 1960s does not make it easy for a black boy and a white boy to forge a friendship. It is only amid the magic of an unforgettable Christmas that DJ and Rodney discover a land of milk and honey where hope and love make all the difference.

*happy sigh* This is such a wonderful movie of a family surviving hard times. I love the way Daniel holds the family together since his wife's death. And their "some Christmas" – so amazing!! As far as content goes, there's a couple cuss words by a side character, but otherwise, it's completely clean. :) 

The Christmas Candle // 2013 

Deep in the heart of the English countryside lies the enchanting village of Gladbury. Legend has it every 25 years an angel visits the village candlemaker and touches a single candle. Whoever lights this candle receives a miracle on Christmas Eve. But in 1890, at the dawn of the electric age, this centuries old legend may come to an end. When David Richmond, a progressive young minister, arrives in Gladbury, the villagers discover a new formula for miracles: good deeds and acts of kindness. While David's quest to modernize Gladbury sets him at odds with the old world candlemaker, he finds an unlikely ally in the lovely skeptic, Emily Barstow. Now, the fiery candlemaker must fight to preserve the legacy of the Christmas Candle. But when the candle goes missing, the miraculous and human collide in the most astonishing Christmas the village of Gladbury has ever seen.

This was a really sweet movie!! I don't like it quite as much as the other two, but it's still a great Christmas movie with a Christmas-Carol-feel to it. *wink* Based on the book by Max Lucado, it's a really sweet story of a Christmas in an English town. With humor and a speckle of romance, it's a lovely Christmas movie to be enjoyed by all ages. :)  (I haven't watched this one yet this year, but I'm pretty sure there's no cussing.)

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Goodness, my posts seem to be getting later and later each day. ;) Hopefully next week I'll be more on time... *smiles*
Have you seen these movies? 


**Summaries and images borrowed from Google.** 


  1. I've seen and loved "It's a Wonderful Life." :)

    1. Isn't it wonderful?! (Pun totally intended... ;))

  2. I have seen Christmas in Canaan. I'm also half way through It's a Wonderful Life. I haven't gotten to finish it yet, but hopefully soon. :)
    I haven't seen The Christmas Candle, but I've seen the trailer for it. ;)

    1. It's really good. (Have you saw the sequel, Christmas Comes Home to Canaan? We watched it last night for the first time this's good too :)) I hope you're enjoying It's a Wonderful Life!! I'd love to hear your thoughts on it :)
      Hehe, yes, I saw the trailer several times before seeing the movie. ;) I think you would like that one though!

    2. Yes, I have seen Christmas Comes Home to Canaan. I haven't seen it for awhile, but I watched Christmas in Canaan again last year.
      Okay! I'll definitely let you know what I think of it once I finish it.
      I'll have to watch The Christmas Candle sometime. :)

      By the way, I really like your new blog look!! :D It's so pretty and Christmasy!

    3. Oh okay. We've saw them both this year now. :)
      Okay, looking forward to it.
      Yes, you really should! :D

      Oh, thank you, Rebekah!! I really like it too. :)

  3. I've seen "It's a Wonderful life" and "The Christmas Candle" (though I can't remember much of it)

    1. Those are both really great movies!! :D

  4. I haven't seen any of these movies. *ducks head* Lol! :D
    Also, I know I haven't added any posts, but I'm doing the DoC with y'all! :D Here's my post for today.
    Sorry for being later, but I've been reading most of y'all's posts and it is SO FUN! :D

    1. Hehe, guess you've found some new ones then!
      Oh, awesome!! Added you to today's post :) I'm so sorry; I didn't mean to exclude you. (Btw, I tried emailing you by the contact form on your blog awhile back, but I don't know if it went through or not.)
      I'm so glad!! :)

    2. Yeppers! :) It's OK! Thanks so much.
      Ooh, I didn't get it... 0-0 That's weird. I'll keep looking for it, that's weird...

    3. No problem!
      Yeah...maybe a glitch. :P

  5. I've watched all these movies! I liked Christmas in Canaan the best out of the three, even though It's a Wonderful Life is a classic. But also, I don't know if I still agree though, because I haven't watched Christmas in Canaan in a long time. I'll just have to watch it again sometime!

    1. Yay!! Christmas in Canaan is really good, but yeah. I just love It's a Wonderful Life :) Yes, you really should watch it again!! Definitely a good family movie! Thanks for reading, Amy :)

  6. My area totally just got dumped on with snow last week lol. Almost 2 feet within a day! But now it's raining.. x)

    These all sound like wonderful movies! Sadly I've not seen any of them yet. Will have to fix that hopefully. :) The Christmas Candle sounds interesting, and It's a Wonderful Life just has that fun, homey feel to it (well, the cover does lol). My family always used to love watching A Christmas Carol (1999 film with Patrick Stewart) every year on Christmas Day!

    1. *covers eyes* DONT TELL ME!! It sounds like everyone has snow except for us. Just rain. Blah blah. :P Bet it's beautiful though!

      They really are!! Oh, you must watch them! Hehe, yep. :) It's a Wonderful Life IS fun and homey. Absolutely amazing. The cover serves it well. ;) A Christmas Carol is good too!! I've saw one version, but I'm not sure if it's that one... :D

    2. Haha! It was beautiful, as snow always is.. Everything's all icy now though - I feel so bad for the walking people. xD I almost faceplanted while taking out my garbage this morning.

      I love the Christmas season and its wonderful movies! ^^ I will definitely check to see if I can't find It's a Wonderful Life somewhere. Don't see it on Netflix. *sad*

      Hey, also, did you get my Contact Form email? Saw you were having some troubles with someone else's, so I just want to make sure it got to you!

    3. Ahh, yes, very beautiful. <3 Haha, ouch! Winter weather is fun, but wiping out on ice (especially if you have a witness to your faceplanting) isn't so fun. *wink*

      Eeeps, so do I!! Yes, yes, do! Awww. =/ Maybe check YouTube? Don't know if the entire thing is on there or not, but it's a possibility... :)

      Yes, I did get your email! :) Haha, yeah. Yours went through though. I'll hopefully reply tomorrow. I wanted to ask my parents and see if they may know something about that that I don't. :D

    4. lol!! Exactly. But... does make for some good stories. :D

      Ah, YouTube's a great idea! Thank you!

      Yay! Alrighty, cool! :) Thanks, Faith! I truly appreciate it.

    5. Haha, it certainly does!! :D

      YouTube is my go-to for such things... *wink*

      No problem! Things are a little crazy right now with Christmas and the linkup, but I'm get back to ya ASAP. :)