Saturday, June 11, 2016

One Year Blogiversary // 104 posts and 366 days // 1/2

Good day, folks! The time has officially arrived. :D Are y'all as excited as I am?? 

Due to the massive-ness of the question list I got, the Q&A is going to be cut into two parts. One today, and the other tomorrow or Monday. I'll also have another 'one-year-in-the-blogosphere' post one day next week. :) 

*rubs hands together with glee* Let's get started!! 

First off, a huge thank you to all of those who've submitted questions for my Q&A session. I received around 75 questions from 14 different folks!! :D 

I'm dividing the questions according to who sent them in, and I'm answering them (to the best of my knowledge) in the order they were submitted. :) 

~ Lydia Dyslin 

Would you rather wear high heels made out of stone or slippers made of Swiss cheese? 
Ooo, interesting question, Lydia. ;) I would take high heels made out of stone. Why? Because slippers made out of Swiss cheese would melt (thanks to my feet) and then it would be all slimy and gross. And I also don't like the smell of Swiss cheese. *wrinkles nose* 


Why did you start blogging? 
As an outlet to share my thoughts, my life, and my stories. And, of course, to get to know some fabulous fellow bloggers. ^_^ 

What's your favorite book series? 
I CANNOT ANSWER THIS. (But thank you, Lydia, for tacking on series. That helps.) I'm horrible at picking *one* anything when it comes to books, soooo. The Blades of Acktar by Tricia Mingerink, Summerhill Secrets by Beverly Lewis, and Wings of Glory by Sarah Sundin to mention a few. ;) 

~ Blessing Counter

How many stories have you written since you started your blog? 
As in written to completion or just started? Because I've started a ton, but I've finished very few. ;) *goes to check* 

I've started 36. Wow. So some of those may only be a paragraph or two (the idea I had) while others are 20,000+ words. :) 
And I've completed 15 short stories, ranging from a few hundreds words to 7,000-8,000. 


And which one is your absolute favourite? :)
Eh. Heh. Hehe. What a torturous question!! ... I think I would have to saw War Tears is my favorite. That story is just so special to me. :) To Win Her Heart and Love Needs No Words follows close behind. And if we're talking about stories I've completed, then Love Needs No Words. 

~ Tatiana 

What's your favourite breed of rabbit? 
Wait, there's different breeds of rabbits? I learned something new. ;-) I suppose my favorites are the cute ones... 

According to Pinterest this is a Holland Lop Bunny. So. Darn. Cute. :-) 

If you were to visit a planet which planet would you visit?
The moon! What do you mean that's not a planet??! Okay, fine. Uh... Venus, maybe? 

~ Jonathan Trout

Which one of your characters would you choose to be abandoned on a deserted island with and why?
Ooooo. Now that would be fun. ;) Providing we weren't there forever, of course. Ummm... Either David or Michael Carnathan. Brothers with a nine year age gap, they would both be fun to be stranded with, but could still come up with great rescue ideas. ;) 


What is your favorite snack while writing? 
Candy. Jolly ranchers, sour patch, skittles, starburst, – you name it, I'll take it. Chips are a great writing snack as well but then the stuff off the chips gets all over my fingers...and therefore ends up smeared on the keypad/screen. :P Blah. 

Do you have any writerly quirks? 
Of course! ;-) I have several, actually. 1) No leaning over my shoulder and trying to read my words while I'm writing. It messes with my concentration and, also, if I wanted you to read it I would've asked you. 2) When I write I'm almost always editing (somewhat) as I go. If I see a misspelled word or a missing comma one line up, I'm going to stop mid-sentence to go fix it. That's just who I am. 

What is your record for words written in one day? (if you don't know, you don't have to answer XD)
Well. Up until this past February/March I didn't really keep track of the words I wrote each day. (Now I'm like obsessed with doing that though. XD) According to the notebook where I record this stuff, I wrote 887 words on May 17th, which is the highest I have written down. 

~ Rebekah Eddy

Can I give more than one question? Ok, so I'm taking that as a yes? 
Yes, you may. (May not can. Sorry, I'm correcting you here. B-)) 

What's your favorite foot-wear (sandals, tennis shoes, etc.)? 
FLIP FLOPS!!!! Always and forever, it's flip-flops. :D I will wear flip-flops anytime – rain, snow, or sunshine. 


What's the most amount of words you've written in a single sitting? 
Around 500 or 600, I would guess. I honestly don't know. 

What's the maximum number of books you've read in one day? 
I remember reading almost the entire Caroline (American Girl) series one day. So maybe 4 or 5? 

If someone offered to give you a pet dragon, would you except the challenge or decline? 
Decline!! I have absolutely no use for a dragon, pet or no pet. It might be something interesting to say though. You know, like, "Hey, did I mention I have a pet dragon?" Yeah, I'd get some concerned stares. *cough*  

Which breed of horse is your favorite? 
Uuuuuhhhhhhhh. I don't really know that much about horse breeds... Maybe Clydesdales? *searchs Pinterest* Wait, no. Gypsy vanner horses. :) 


Should I stop now? ;)
Yes, you should. (Otherwise I'll never get done with this. XD) 

~ Raechel

I'll first ask the obvious question: What first got you interested in blogging? 
Reading other blogs. :) I read several other blogs at the time and I started thinking of all sorts of cool things I could do with a blog. And here I am. :) 

Do you remember the first book you read? 
That would be the books that were part of my reading curriculum in Kindergarten. :-) The first one was Grandpa's Birthday Surprise or something like that. As for chapter books, anything from AG. :P 

Hard (maybe mean?!) question: Would you rather read or write overall? 
Raechel, how could you do this to me?!? *flails* *dies* *resuscitates* *deep breaths*  I think this is one that could go either way, especially depending on what I'm reading/writing. If I'm having one of those days where I'm literally forcing myself to write, then I would rather read. If the book I'm currently reading is boring me to tears, I would rather write. 


How many completed stories have you written? 
*refers to Blessing's question* Fifteen. Some of those are super short, but they are stories. ;) 

Do you plan to publish, and if so, are you going to go Indie (self-published) or Traditional? 
Um, yes? I would like to publish someday. (But today is not that day. LOL.) Probably indie. As awesome as traditional would be, indie just sounds so cool for whatever reason. :D 

Where do you hope to be in Ten Years? 
Let's see... In ten years I'll be 25. I would like to be much better at throwing (pottery) and writing. Maybe published? And selling my pottery. :) 

Icecream or chocolate? 
Chocolate ice cream... XD 

Do you want to travel someday? And if so, where is your top destination (or three top ones...)?
Top three – much easier. ;) Hawaii, England (or any WWII battle lands), and some exotic islands. :P

What's your favourite Season? 
I like all seasons!!! Seriously. I can't pick a favorite. I love the snow and cold of winter, the flowers and newness of spring, the sunshine and long days of summer (also, no school), and the leaves and crispness of autumn. I just can't choose... 

Would you rather be indoors or outdoors (be honest. ;))? 
Outdoors, please. :) Somewhere in my hammock with a good book, if I have that choice. 

Do you remember who was the first blog you ever followed? 
The first blog I followed was the Circle C Adventures blog. :)  

Do you have a favourite Bible book, and why it makes it your favourite?
No, I do not have a favorite. Again, choosing is impossible. Here's a couple... Ruth (beautiful love story), Jonah (love the story), John (my favorite of the gospels), Acts (because it's the story of the early church), and Psalms (I love how they read ^_^). 

~ Eve Estelle

I realize inspiration comes in many forms and from many sources, but what would you say has been your number one inspiration for your stories? 
*bites nails* The question I'm so good at asking others, but so horrid at answering... Um, okay. This is going to sound clich√©, but I get inspiration from literally everything. Petting my dog, feeding the chickens (I actually thought up an entire story once about this family that was living in our woods and starving and I gave them chicken food. I should write that one sometime.), or doing laundry, I'm always searching for stories. Because this is where all the stories start – life. 

Favorite flower? :) 
Tulips!! Also, wildflowers. :) 


How long did it take you to write the last short story you wrote? 
For a super short story, that would be my entry to the Crystal Doorknob Writing Challenge. I wrote and edited it in 3 days. For something longer, would be Love Needs No Words. Other than coming up with the general idea, I wrote and edited all 7,500 words in the last 16 days of January. 

After some time has passed, how do you usually feel about rereading your older works?
Horrible. I'm dead serious. Well, not always. (I smile whenever I reread Love Needs No Words because I love that story and I'm very pleased with it. Just wanted to clarify that last point there, in case you couldn't tell just by how many times I've mentioned it.) But Certain Others aren't that way. I was reading over something the other day and I nearly gagged. HOW COULD I WRITE SOMETHING SO POSITIVELY HORRENDOUS?? 


Again, thank you all SOOOO much for reading my blog and for submitting some awesome questions. The second half of the Q&A session will be up...shortly. ;) 

Also, happy anniversary to a certain couple! Y'all have raised/are raising some wonderful kids. :) 



  1. Wow. We have a LOT in common. For one thing, our writing quirks are EXACTLY the same. I don't like people reading over my shoulder if I'm reading OR writing, and I always edit-as-I-go. Which sometimes annoys my younger siblings if I'm reading it aloud to them...which is another way I double-check my work before sending it off to editors.
    And, as you know well I'm sure, flip-flops are also my preferred shoe...if they can be referred to as shoes. ;)
    All my first books were awful too. I think I could safely say that ALL authors started out with horrible stories. Especially if they were like me...starting writing at the healthy young age of eight. :) I gag silently every time I happen to re-read some of the older stories. I use it as encouragement when I'm feeling down about a current story: I go back to remind myself that IT COULD BE WORSE. XD
    Thanks for the post, I had a LOT of fun reading the answers! ;)
    Oh, and I will try to remember to use "may" next time instead of "can". It's a bad habit of mine that I'm trying to break along with using "all right" instead of "alright". :)

    1. Wow. We DO have a lot in common!! :D Oh, yes, absolutely. I very rarely read aloud to my sibling, because for some weird reason I don't like sharing my writing with my family right away. Very strange...maybe I should've added that to the post. :P And editing as you go -- it works so great for me! It's strange because I'm not like that in anything else. If my room is a complete wreck, it doesn't bother me. But a comma out of place or a misspelled word? It has to be fixed. Immediately. ;)
      Yes, I did know that one. :P Flip-flops are THE BEST. *whispers* And they're totally a shoe.
      You started writing at eight?! Wow, no wonder you're so good!! :) I didn't write until I was 13, and before that I 'hated' writing. I had to write something in like 2nd grade about something I disliked. I wrote it on writing! Mom still has the paper somewhere, I think. ;)
      Oh, yes. It could always be worse. ;)

      Thanks for reading and submitting questions, Rebekah! I'm so hard you enjoyed. :)

      (Ahhh, yes, writers have got to overcome all those grammatical dilemmas. :P)

  2. Happy Blogiversary!!!

    This is such a fun post, and I enjoyed reading every piece of it! That's fantastic that you got so many questions. You have great answers!!
    Cute bunnies are my favourite too. ^.^
    But saying no to a pet dragon?! Ahhhh! Say yes and give it to meeeeee! ;)
    Hahaha, sorry for the mean question....I don't know what I was thinking. XD
    Looking forward to the next post!

    1. Thanks!!! :D

      I'm so glad you enjoyed it! Answering all the questions is just so. much. fun. XD
      Aren't they adorable??? :-)
      Yeah...well... Okay, the dragon goes to Raechel. :P
      Hahaha, well it was fun to answer! ;)

      Thanks for reading and for submitting some awesome questions! ;-)

    2. That's great! Cuz there was a lot of questions! How long did it take you to answer them all? :)
      Yes!! I love bunnies. ^.^ We have a lop-eared-bunny, and he's adorable. He always looks rather depressed though...unless we give him apples, carrots, or some sort of 'treat'. :D
      Hehe, thanks! XD


    3. A couple hours each day. :) But I didn't do it all at one time. I would answer some, go do something else, then come back to it, etc.
      A depressed bunny?! He sounds precious!! ^_^

    4. Nice! Yeah, I can imagine it would take a while, with needed breaks in between! :)
      Hehe, yep! He really is precious, and a funny little thing! :)

    5. Hehe, yeah! Breaks were absolutely necessary to keep me from giving THE boring-est answers. :P
      Awww! Sounds adorable! :) What other animals do you have?

    6. *sigh* I typed out my reply yesterday while at the library computers and it didn't work. =/ Our computer was down so I'm just not trying to catch up on stuff....Anywho!
      We have: 75 butcher chickens, 11 layer chicks, 7 adult layer chickens (one is a rooster), 10 quail, over a dozen outside cats (one is a kitten - soooo adorable!), I have a mule, my sister has a horse, we have three inside cats, and we keep two horses for a friend though she does her own chores. And of course, the bunny. :) And yesterday evening we had a skunk that thought it should move in...Dad dispatched that one though, but now everything SMELLS. Bad.
      Do you have any other pets besides your doggies? :)

    7. Aww, that's terribly unfortunate! Having a downed computer is horrible too. >_<

      Oh, WOW!! That is ALOT of birds! XD
      Haha, yes, skunks smell AWFUL. *shudders and gags*
      Besides the two dogs, we just have fourteen laying hens and one rooster (whom I do not like, just for the record). ;) We've had other dogs and other chickens in the past, but no other animals. My brother and I would love to have a horse and Mom and I want a milk cow, but we haven't convinced Dad of either yet. ;)

    8. Hehe, it IS a lot of birds! ^.^
      Mmmhmm. Nasty, nasty smell!
      Oh that's nice! Though I'm sorry the rooster's not a good one. We've had our share of those kind....we had this one HUGE one that literally chased my Mom around the yard once when my younger sister was a baby...awful rooster!
      I hope you can get a horse and a milk cow one day! Hahaha, that's always the hard part, isn't it? Convincing Dad....XD
      Oh btw, I'm reading "The Fences Between Us" Dear America!! Loving it!

    9. Like, wow, though! The most we've ever had is...19? ;)
      The worst smell!! *gags*
      Oh my goodness, that IS an awful rooster!! I don't think any of us have ever been chased by one...thought I wouldn't trust this one to not chase someone.... O.o
      Yep, that's the roadblock we always hit -- Daddy. ;) Maybe someday he'll see things out way... ;P
      I saw your rating on Goodreads! I'm so glad you enjoyed it! I LOOOVE that book! :D

    10. XD
      Definitely. Two more skunks yesterday...*shudder*
      I know; rooster's can just be mean!
      Hahaha, maybe so! We can always hope! ;)
      It was so good - I only wish I had my own copy now. XD Thankful the library carried it though. :)

    11. Yuck. *pinches nose* It sounds like y'all really have a serious skunk problem. =/
      Yep! :)

      Ahhh, yes. Sounds like me. ;) I got my BEAUTIFUL copy from Thriftbooks for a couple bucks. :D #happybibliophile

    12. We certainly do. Ick. :P

      Oh how nice! I need to keep Thriftbooks in mind more often...
      I actually just purchased 2 books on yesterday - one was only 99 cents, and the other only $3! I'm excited for them to come (they're two of Mesu Andrew's books). :) Buying books is one of my favourite things. XD

    13. Oh, that's fabulous! I saw CBD's 99¢ sale, but I decided to let it slide this once. There was only one or two books I was interested in anyway. :P Oh, I saw one of her books on there. Something about Jezebel? Mine too!! It's da bestest. <3 <3 <3

    14. Wow, I left this comment just a little while...July...oops! I'm trying to clean out my inbox a little and then I realize how many things I left unanswered...!
      Yep, "In the Shadow of Jezebel" was one of the books I got that time! Still haven't had a chance to read it, but hopefully soon... :D

    15. Hehehe, no worries. :P I had my inbox all cleared out except about 4/5 things last week...but now it's overflowing again. ;)
      It sounds good! Haha, know how that is. XD Yes, hopefully!

  3. Happy 1st Blogiversary, Faith!!!! :D
    I enjoy your blog so much. :)
    I had a lot of fun reading all of the fun questions that you got, and reading your answers. I’m looking forward to the upcoming posts! :)

    1. Thanks, Rebekah!!!
      I'm so glad to hear that you enjoy my blog and these posts. Your questions were great as well and the rest of the answers will be up shortly. :D

      Thanks for reading and commenting! ^_^

  4. Congratulations to you once again, Faith! ^^ I've only known about your blog for a fraction of it, but I'm so happy you've made it a year in the blogosphere!

    Okay, so, your answers to Jonathan's question about writerly quirks are just perfect. For #1, I feel the same - although half of me really doesn't mind (and the other half loses all concentration), so I usually attempt to ignore it lol.. Or start doing something else. For #2, YES. I can't help but edit any and all mistakes I find as I go. It's physically impossible for me not to do this. XD Good thing is, once you're done, you're done - eh, as "done" as a writer can be, anyhow.

    Also, great flower choices. :) And totally understand about hating to reread your old works lol. It's like, "How.. was this okay to publish? Was I insane?"

    Great answers!

    1. Thank you so much, Eve!!! ^_^

      Seriously?? Wow, those seem to be pretty popular...and I thought I was the only 'weird writer'!!! XD
      Yes, same with me about doing something else. If my brother is leaning over my shoulder while I'm writing, I'll just like go check email or something. He'll ask why and I'm like "you're bothering me!!" ;P
      SAME HERE!!! Forcing myself to not edit as I go (if I'm timing myself to write faster or whatever) is positively TORTUROUS.
      Yes, exactly! Then I don't have to pay so much attention as I read over it. ;)

      Hahaha, right again!! That's absolutely how I feel when I read my first couple blog posts. ;)

      Thanks for reading and submitting some lovely questions, Eve!! :-)

  5. Whoa that was a lot of questions. XD BUT I HAVE LIKE THE SAME QUIRKS AS YOU SERIOUSLY. XD I can't STAND IT when people try to look over my shoulder, or even if they're behind me at all while I'm trying to write. And I tend to edit too. XD (also SOUR PATCH <3 <3 okay done now XD)

    1. I know, right?? It's mind-boggling. :P AHHH, THATS SO AWESOME. Yes, yes, yes. I'm like all "snoopy people, please leave me to my own little introverted world of imaginary peoples. Please and thank you."
      *nod nod* Of course, sour patch. XD

      Thanks for commenting and submitting such great questions, Jonathan!

  6. Happy blogiversary, Faith!!! :) Wow, that's lots of questions!! Your answers were neat to read, and DA BUNNY!!!!!
    Someone looking over your shoulder is annoying for anything, honestly...;p
    And I'm an edit freak too. The backspace button is probably the most used button on my keyboard. My brother teases me about it. :p
    Looking forward to part 2!!! :) :)

    1. Thanks, Krystal!! :D Haha, wasn't it? YES ISN'T IT JUSY UTTER ADORABLENESS?!?!? XD
      Oh, yes, it totally is. I'm like, if I want to share this with you I would. :P
      Hahaha!!! That's so funny. XD I use to backspace a lot too... I'll probably wear about my iPad cover right in that spot sometime soon. ;)

      Thanks for reading and commenting!! :D

  7. Well, look at me *finally* getting around to commenting. ;P
    Wow, that's a ton of questions! I'm looking forward to the next post, and I LOVED reading this one!
    Wow, 36 stories in a year! That is impressive! I think I have like, maybe 15-20 or something that I've started!
    And you've completed 15??? Like, actually finished them??? Wow. B-) (Sorry...that was kinda mean. ;))
    Yes, War Tears is special. *nods*
    Oh, a deserted Island with David or Micheal would be SO MUCH FUN!!! Wouldn't it be wonderful if it happened?!? I would have probably said my David or Micah. ;)
    Ohhh, oh, yes!! I HATE it when someone reads my work when I haven't asked them to! Just leave me alone, please! And yes, you HAVE to edit while you go. I didn't do it one time. I've regretted it ever since. :P
    Yes, Indie publishing is awesome! A lot of work, but so worth it!!! (Plus you get to connect with some AMAZING authors during the publishing journey.)
    Umm, yeah. In 10 years you had better be published! Or I might confiscate your work and send it to someone to publish for you. (Hey, Diana did it to Anne...;))
    Oh, can I come with you on your travels?! I want to go to Hawaii and England as well!! Especially England. :D
    And yeah, re-reading old work is horrid! One of the first stories I ever started was sooo pathetic! I mean, the girl faints, hits her head on a table, and ends up in the hands of a handsome stranger who rescues her and takes her to the hospital. *shudders* I will never, NEVER finish it. I want to delete it, but I have a sister who won't let me. :P
    Okay, is this comment long enough? *checks* Yep, I believe it's gone on long enough. ;) Anyway, in case you couldn't tell, I LOVED the post! Looking forward to the next one! :D

    1. *grins over Jesseca's long comment*
      Isn't it?? I was so thrilled when I realized just HOW many there were. :D
      It's possible that some of those stories were started before I started blogging, because I don't know the dates for some of them. ;) But most of them anyways.
      Haha, I know, right?! I was rather surprised to realize that myself... B-)
      YES, IT WOULD BE SO AMAZING!!! :D I mean seriously?? Hanging out with David and Michael is just. so. much. fun. XD (Speaking of which, I need to write something with Michael...;)) Haha, I love how you said 'my David'. ;P
      IT'S SO ANNOYING!! I'm like -- when I want you to read it, I'll ask you too. ;P Really?? Used to, when I word-sprint, I would NOT fix things like that. Later it irked me to find those little slip-ups. Now I just do it and don't worry so much about time. ;)
      Yes, yes, yes!! Indie publishing just sounds so amazing. :) More work, sure, but then you can say you saw it through the whole way yourself. :D
      Yeah, publishing will *probably* happen within 10 years. Otherwise my life may be endanger... B-) (*gasps* Diana DID do it for Anne, didn't she?!? And you ARE Diana, huh?... ;))
      Absolutely!! *books two plane tickets to London*
      A handsome stranger who rescues her and takes her to the hospital???!? Sounds intriguing... B-) *applauds for a great sister*

      You've been such a faithful follower of my blog and I THANK YOU!! And thanks for reading, commenting and submitting awesome questions!! XD

    2. Yes, you do need to write something with Micheal. And Ingrid. *hint, hint* ;)
      Yes, your life will be in danger if you don't. B-) And yes, Diana did do it to Anne. And I'm sorta Diana. But I'm still sorta Anne, too. After all, I have Gil. ;)
      Nooooo!!! It's not intriguing. It's horribly cliche and just all-around the worst thing I've ever written!

      You're welcome! I had fun thinking op questions. ;)

    3. Ahh, yes. Ingrid. She's such a sweetheart. :) I really do need to write more of them. <3
      I really should be scared...shouldn't I? B-) Oh, yes, I hadn't thought of that. We're both Annes because we write. ;) *sniffs* You have him, but...*sobs*
      Mmmm... Yeah, okay. :P I have a lot of those (worse-thing-I've-ever-written-s). ;)

  8. HAPPY 1st BLOGIVERSARY (and I apologize at how extremely late my comment is :( )

    You had some pretty interesting questions ;) Loved reading them, and your answers to 'em too! :D

    I love your blog, Faith, and I'm SO glad I found it :) Keep on doing whatcha do! :)

    1. Don't apologize! You've been over here having a blast in 'my' beautiful state. ;)

      YOU had some great questions, Blessing. Thanks for submitting them!! :)

      Awww, thank you, Blessing! Thanks for following my blog and blessing me with your sweet comments! <3