Saturday, April 8, 2017

Camp NaNo April ~ Week #1

The first seven days of Camp NaNo has come and gone, and what a week it was!! 

Current word count: 13,502 

Like, woah, what a lovely number. I have one word to explain it... Word wars. (Oh, wait. That was two words. My bad.) Word wars are so awesome though y'all. xD 

Day One // Saturday // 4,909 words 

So, I kinda broke my all-time high for the most written in a day... *shrieks* I MEAN YALL IT WAS DAY ONE OF CAMO AND I WAS JUST SO HYPED. I was actually going for 5k but at the stroke of midnight (literally) I was 91 words away... Ehh, close enough. ;) 

It was a LOVELY day which I spent most of outside – writing and reading. ^_^ 

Hyped, yes. But I look dead. XD 

Day Two // Sunday // 923 words 

Ah, yes, Sunday. I pretty much re-familiarized myself with my entire plot. (Not even kidding y'all. I totally should have did that in March. XD) Then I got *some* words in and didn't care that it wasn't technically *enough* because I was sooo far ahead from Saturday. :D 

Day Three // Monday // 1,205 words 

So, writing went well... BUT. I was jumping around all over the doc, because the parts I was at were NOT turning out. Like, at all. 

By Monday night (11:24 PM to be exact – I have screenshots) I was wailing about how annoying my main character was being, and how I just wanted to work on another story. (Yes, I really thought that, now shush.) More in this in just a sec... 

Day Four // Tuesday // 1,268 words 

*beams at the higher-than-the-last-two-days word count* 

Um...I don't even know what happened here... I did school, wrote a lot, and went to Bible study? *nods* 

Day Five // Wednesday // 1,173 words 

Another good writing day + pottery class and church. Remember the 'wailing' I mentioned in day 3? Yup, well it came back into conversation on Wednesday night. My critique partner, being the dear she is, said like ten measly little words and BOOM. Idea formed in Faith's mind about how to solve all this mumbo-jumbo. (But she waited until the next day to actually write it because #exhaustion) (btw, I could have my days mixed up on this, but I *think* this was when it happened...) 

I also started using the old laptop (the one that is legit so fried it won't even power on) as a 'prop' so that I could sit my iPad and keyboard on it and write in my lap. XD Happy to say, it works really well... :P 

Day Six // Thursday // 2,654 words 

Lots of WORDS = HAPPINESS. My minor plot hole started clearing up and my characters started making friends and ACKK YESSS. :D 

I also ate half a cake because CAKE IS GOOD FOR MY BRAIN YALL. 

Day Seven // Friday // 1,370 words 

Yesterday was great as well and my precious War Tears is now over 84k... O.O EEPSS!! 

// Snippets // 

  Bethany's attention was brought back to the room she was an occupant of when a strange choking sound came from the other end of the table. 
  “What is this?” Luke sputtered. 
  Erin's face reddened and she poked her fork timidly into the conspicuous casserole. Sticking it in her mouth, she instantly made a face. She jumped up and rushed across the room to the sink. 
  Turning around moments later, she exclaimed, “That’s horrible!” 
  “Tell me about it,” Luke grumbled, reaching for his water glass and downing the entire contents. 


  Dusk swept over Cana with a sunset of orange and pink hues and a jar full of fireflies, releasing them to the yards and surrounding woodland. 


  They’d just gotten it situated against the only wall that wasn't blocked by other furniture and collapsed to the rug, when Bethany stuck her head into the room. She laughed out loud when she saw them sprawling in the floor. 
  “This work too much for you fellows?” 
  “Sorry, Bethany.” Luke flapped one limp hand in her direction. “I'm too busy trying to force air into my lungs to come up with a sarcastic reply.” 
  David rolled his eyes. “You're pathetic.” 
  “Guilty as charged, brother.” 
  Bethany chuckled. “I didn't come in here to stir up an argument. I–" 
  “Trust me, you're having no affect on my feelings toward him,” Luke smirked. “I'm about dead and your husband is too blame.” 


So tell me... How's Camp going for you? Not doing Camp? Then how's April and Spring going?? Thoughts on the snippets?! 



  1. Wow, Faith! Congrats on all the writing! I agree, word wars help A LOT. I've got about 8K so far this month. Just 2K more and I'll reach my goal for the month. :)

    Oh, I hate it when main characters decide to act up. Whenever that happens to me, I'm like, "No! You are going to have an interesting life, and you're gonna make friends with the others!"

    Hahaha! Oh my word, I love your snippets! (Especially that last one. :D)

    I'm glad that the first week went well. I hope the rest of the month goes well to. :)

    1. Thank you, Karyssa!! :D Hehe, yes, they do. Word warring with you has been so much fun!! ^_^ Oh, that's awesome! Congrats! :D

      Ugh, isn't it horrid? Haha, me exactly!! This dude was really getting on my nerves, but...things are going better now, so I'll not complain. XD

      *grins* Glad you enjoyed!

      Thanks; I hope Camp continues to go well for you also!! :)

  2. I’m so glad that Camp NaNo is going so well for you so far, Faith! I hope it continues to go well.
    Hey that’s a great idea to use the old laptop as a prop for your iPad and keyboard. ;)
    I really enjoyed your writing update and I love the snippets!!! :D

    1. Thank you so much, Rebekah!! :D
      Haha, it works pretty well actually. :P
      I'm so glad you enjoyed!!! <3

  3. Hmm, I had commented, not sure where it went...
    But yay for all the writing you accomplished! That's great. :D Snippets were fun too. :)
    I'm not doing Camp NaNo, but my April has been alright. ^.^

    1. Aww, that's aggravating... =/
      Thank you!! Hehe, good. I almost didn't include them. ;)
      That's wonderful! Hope the rest of the month is good for you too!!

  4. *legit went back and looked through all the messages to see what I said* Ohhh, yes, that. xD Well, I'm glad I was able to help in some way! Goodness knows you've been just as helpful this past week. Seriously, like, I'm not sure how I'd get through writing if it wasn't for you always willing to brainstorm with me... especially on the more romantic scenes. ;)

    AWESOME JOB with Camp NaNo!!! I cannot WAIT to read the finished story!! :D

    1. Also, YES the snippets are AMAZING! *can't believe I forgot to comment on them* The one about dusk... <3 <3 Talk about AMAZING word pictures! It's so beautiful!

    2. *grins* Yep, something about combat drawing the guys closer together and...yeah. Got me to thinking. ;) Aww, I'm glad I can be a help to you, dear! <3 Haha, the romance scenes are the best thought... XD

      Thanks so much, Jess!! :D Eeeps, and I can't wait for you too!! :D

    3. *beams* Aww, thanks!! ^_^ Hehehe... *is quite partial to that line*

  5. whooop!! I think we have like the same word count rn *fistbumps* XD KEEP GOING, FAITH. YOU CAN DO THIS

    1. Awesome!! *fistbump* THANK YOU SARAH. YOU TOO, GIRLIE!! XD

  6. Great job on your first week of camp! Woohoo, you amazing you! And your book sounds awesome. :)

    1. Aww, thank you so much, Victoria!! And I'm glad ya think so!! :D