Thursday, April 20, 2017

Focus ~ April 2017

Today I'll be participating in Allie Taylor's new linkup, Focus!! :D For details and info about how to participate yourself, visit her blog, The Depth of my Faith

Since Camp NaNo is going on right now, I'll be talking about my Camp project -- namely my precious novel, War Tears. *hugs the darling charries* 

// Questions // 

We're halfway through NaNoWriMo. How's you're novel going?
Pretty good! War tears was about 71k before Camp, and it's now 105k, sooo... *bounces excitedly* 

Where are you struggling the most in your writing?
Um, probably the part where you sit in front of a screen and type a bunch of words, except these words are actually supposed to do things like 'tell the story' and 'bring the characters to life' and 'make sense to people other than Faith'.... Yeah, it's difficult. 

Where are you doing the best in your writing?
Hmm...I'm not sure. When asking a person this, the answer I got was "romantic scenes" or "the heartbreak." *grins* So maybe that. XD 

Music helps. So, what are your writerly idyllic tunes?
Well, at the beginning of the month I created a playlist for War Tears. It's something like this... 

If You're Reading This // Tim McGraw 
Even If // MercyMe 
There You'll Be // Faith Hill 
Rise // Danny Gokey 
Saving Amy // Brantley Gilbert 
Brothers // Dean Brody 
Just Be Held // Casting Crowns 
For Freedom // Avalon 

Where are you in your wordcount goal? And how do you do with word sprints?
I'm at 34,500 of 50,000 (YES I UPPED MY GOAL YALL.) And word sprints/wars? They are like my life. Not sure how I would get this many words in at other times, especially when I'm just not feeling the story. XD 

What encourages you to keep writing?
People who want to read my book. Like, seriously. My alpha-readers are amazing...and they're reading the wretched first draft!! 

PUSH! How much will you try to write one of these days to burst forward in your wordcount? 
I would like to do a 5k1day sometime...maybe closer to the end of Camp? Anyone with me? ;) 

What's your strategy for focussing?
Uh...I don't have one? I get sidetracked sooo easily, no matter what I'm doing. So war sprints/wars and just writing when I feel like writing helps somewhat. (If you have tips on staying focused, TELL ME.) 

What is your favorite element of your novel?
The emotions. Making the characters cry and laugh and smile and scream. Breaking their precious little hearts.. *sniffles* A told someone the other day that War Tears is just 'one big, dramatic mood swing' which is basically the truth. B-) 

What is your plan after your first draft?
Printing a first draft copy, handing War Tears over to alpha-readers a chapter at a time, and returning to editing Dandelion Dust for publication. After that? Editing. Loooaaddsss of editing. The first edit may be closer to a re-write, which is kinda intimidating. O.O 

Ten more days of Camp!! Anyone else a bit freaked out by that realization?? :P 



  1. I'm glad your CampNaNo is going well. :) I dropped out because I ended up CRAZY busy this month. *tears*

    1. Thank you, Daisy! :) Aww, that is unfortunate...

  2. Hey, I'm glad that everything is going well! :D I don't know if you noticed, but I haven't been participating in word wars/sprints recently. I switched from writing a first draft to editing another WIP, but I might go back.

    I can't believe that Camp NaNo is almost over! I hope the rest of the month goes well for you! :)

    1. I did notice that!! I was wondering where ya went. ;) Ahh, yes, that makes sense. Hope it goes well for you!! :D

      Me neither!! Thanks so much! :)

  3. Loved this, Faith! WHOA 34K??? amazing! this month ended up being CRAZY for me, so I just kind of made this a small priority compared to more important things. April was going to be a less... serious-determination month for my writing, it was more of a "get off your lazy butt and write a few words" month. My serious stuff will be going on throughout July and November. I'm just going for 500 a day throughout April. XD

    Anyway, thanks for participating, Faith!!!

    Allie Taylor

    1. Haha, yep! Thanks, Allie!! :D Ahh, yes, I understand having to prioritize. Sometimes you just gotta buckle down and get it done, huh? 500 a day is still awesome! Words are words. ;)

      And thanks for hosting and commenting, Allie! :)

  4. I can't wait to read War Tears! So proud of your writing, girl! Keep it up—you're doing amazing. :)

    And yes! Alpha readers are the best at keeping you writing. Unfortunately, I don't have any who are quite what I need. *sigh* Most of the few I have are too nice. XD

    If you ever need an Alpha . . . ;) Keep up the good work! (Or, as my great grandma used to say for some unknown reason: "Keep up the good WORD!" hehe)

    1. Aww, thanks for your enthusiasm, Bethany!! :)

      They arreee. Ah yes, haha, that can be difficult. But if they encourage you to push ahead and strive to do better and write more...?

      Hehe, thanks!! ^-^ (Oh, I love that! Fits so perfectly too. LOL.)

    2. Absolutely!! I'm so happy for you!

      Well, the biggest issue as far as that goes is that I only have one reader who is pretty consistent at reading what I write. XD

      Of course, anytime. :) Doesn't it? I thought it was perfect. Great grandmas, huh? :P

    3. Haha, ahhhh, yes. Speaking of which, I need to get caught up on the doc you added me to awhile back!! :P

      Hehe, always XDD

  5. "War Tears" just sounds like it will be a lovely book. *sigh* I would say that I can't wait to read it, but I think I may have mentioned that a time or two before... ;)

    1. *grins* Aww, thank you. Hehe, it isn't like I get tired of hearing it or anything... ;)