Sunday, April 23, 2017

Camp NaNo April ~ Week #3

A day late...I know...forgive me? Explanation near the end of the post. ;) 

Current word count: 37,223 
This week's word count: 10,292 

Day Fifteen // Saturday // 2,193 words 

Okay, so on Saturday...I, um...I kinda hit 100k... *SCREAMS* And I went through with my resolution, raised my Camp goal to 50k, and I'm still ahead. *is so happy* 

Day Sixteen // Resurrection Sunday // 1,254 words 

Easter was absolutely lovely. We had a Sunrise service at 7:00 AM, followed by breakfast. Then Tucker and I helped our youth group leader hide Easter eggs for the little kids. We still had oodles of time before the worship service at 11:00, so my family got in the car and drove down some back roads (during which time I wrote my Easter post). After an epic church service, we had lunch, visited my granny, and came home. I wrote for a while before twin seven-year-old cousins showed up (those two + Tucker about killed me, y'all), and then collapsed into bed late that night. :P 

Day Seventeen // Monday // 1,023 words 

Monday was kind of 'bleh' as I started back to school after a week off. Writing wasn't going so well either, but there was thunderstorms/dark clouds which SHOULD have helped my writing mood. But didn't. XDD 

Day Eighteen // Tuesday // 1,513 words 

Tuesday was just an ordinary day with school, writing, Bible study, and going to the used book sttooorreeee. <3 <3 *beams* 

Tuesday was also the 75th Anniversary of the Doolittle Raid. Whether you're interested in WWII history or not, I totally suggest reading this epic article.

Day Nineteen // Wednesday // 1,509 words 
Writing went well Wednesday! I got more than my word goal in around pottery class, school, and church. ^_^ 

Also, we went to a a nursery that had some GORGEOUS dahlias. <3 <3 

Day Twenty // Thursday // 1,700 words 

Thursday was eeepiicccc. School, writing, supper with a couple from church...yeah, that's about all I remember. :P 

Day Twenty-One // Friday // 1,100 words 

Friday morning at about 11:30 I had...wisdom teeth cut out. Ouchie. :P I wasn't planning on getting any writing done, but I actually did do some Friday night which was nice. :) 

Sorry, but y'all aren't getting pics of my swollen face and wild eyes. If everyone minds their p's and q's, such photos may appear in the April recap. ;) 

// Snippets // 

  Bethany felt a smile sliding across her face as it was obvious that Lenore was going to come up with anything short of a flat-out lie to keep the heat off herself. 
  “And who would you say loves that little dog the most?” Erin inquired next. 
  “God,” Lenore replied, twisting her fork into the pie remains. “God loves everyone a whole lot, and all the animals too.” 
  Michael snickered, looking away from the table. Bethany pretended to cough. James and Lydia smiled, containing their mirth with the ease of years of experience. But Erin was the only one who didn't find the answer amusing. 
  “Yes, He does, honey. But that does not mean you should be deceitfully feeding pie to the dog.” 
  Lenore paused for a second before, turning to Michael with lips pursed. “What does deceitfully mean?” 
  “Deceitfully…” Michale repeated, tracing the top of his water glass with his finger. “Well, it means that you're hiding what you're doing from your mother. Deceit is almost another word for lying.” 


  Joshua flopped to the ground, stretching to lie flat of his back and slinging one arm across his face to block out the sun from his eyes. “This is exhausting,” he mumbled. 
  “Aww, it isn't so bad,” David grinned and sank to the ground next to him. “You're just miffed that all the big guys ganged up on you.” 
  Joshua lifted his arm from his face and glared at David. “This is coming from the man who was up against two fellows that might have equaled a third his weight between them? Don't even talk to me.” 
  David rolled his eyes. “That's an exaggeration.” 
  “Maybe,” came from the ground beside him, and David figured that was as much of an agreement as he was going to get. 

How's Camp going? Hit your goal yet? Have a good Easter? Do you have wisdom teeth? (Or did some human with a knife steal your wisdom from your head...? XDD) 



  1. It’s great to hear that Camp NaNo is still going well! Faith, that’s wonderful that you hit 100k!!! :D
    Oh, I love all of the pretty flower pictures! Are those first two pictures from around your place? I love the color of your dress! It’s super pretty. :)
    Reading your snippets is always a lot of fun!
    *laughs* “Do you have wisdom teeth? (Or did some human with a knife steal your wisdom from your head...? XDD)” *laughs again* Oh my goodness, Faith, that is hilarious!!

    1. Eeeps, thank you!!! *is still so excited over that milestone*
      Thank you! And yes -- they are from near the house. :) Thanks, I love it too!! ^.^
      Yay!!! :D
      *laughs with you* okay, so maybe I am still medicated... :P

  2. Congratulations on 100K! That's so awesome! You look like you've got a really good pace- keep it up! YOU CAN DO THIS!!!

    By the way, it's really fun to meet someone else named Faith. :)

    1. Thanks so much, Florid!! :D Aww, thanks!

      Ohh, is your name Faith too? How cool!! :D *goes off to stalk your blog*

  3. Aw, I'm sorry you had to have your wisdom teeth out! Ick. :( My older sister recently had to have hers out too. Mine are still in my mouth somewhere, thankfully. I hope to keep them with me always. XD

    I'm glad Camp NaNo is going well for you!!

    1. Hehe, thanks, Raechel. :) It's isn't too bad -- not eating whatever I want is the worst part! Haha, unless there're causing problems, I can't say I blame you! XD

      Thank you! <3

  4. Camp is going . . . extraordinarily slow. But I'm getting more writing done than most months so that's good.

    How do you keep track of all these WWII dates?? I only know them from you and Jesseca! lol. Then I add them to my calendar. :)

    And I still am good as far as wisdom teeth go, my wisdom isn't going anywhere anytime soon as far as I'm concerned! :P

    I don't know how you manage to do this much writing with a full schedule, but good for you! I could use a few classes from you. XD Keep up the good word. ;)

    1. That's great, Bethany!! Hey, any words you get written are words you didn't have before, right? ;)

      Haha, I usually add them to my iPad reminders when I come across them. XD But I have a lot committed to memory for various reasons too, soo...

      Haha!! Good for you! :D

      *grins* I don't really have a secret to it. Other than I've been writing every. spare. moment. And reading has been terribly neglected this month.. *sigh* Hehe, you too, girl!

    2. That is certainly true!

      Did I ever mention that it's cool you have a character named Bethany? ;)

    3. Oh, yes! I think we have talked about that. ;) 'My' Bethany gets called Beth a lot. Do you?

    4. Actually, no. :) It's always Bethany except my family has one friend who always calls me Beth, as a result I respond to both pretty naturally, but I prefer Bethany. XD

      Do you have any nicknames?

    5. Oh okay!! :)

      Hehe, yep. Lots of the them. The worst is probably Faithie.... :P

  5. Congrats on reaching 100k and staying ahead on your goal! :D

    You went to a used book store? You got books right? ;)

    1. Thanks so much, Karyssa!! :D

      Hehe, yep. Of COURSE. XD I think I left with 4... *happy sigh*

  6. Wow your progress is amazing! Thanks for the link to the WWII article. History is kind of my thing and I'd always love to learn more about the world wars :)

    And your snippets are really cool by the way!

    - Andrea at A Surge of Thunder

    1. Thank you so much, Andrea!! :D Hehe, you're welcome -- I love them too!

      Aww, thanks! :)