Monday, September 18, 2017

From the Shelves {Autumn Reads}

Happy Monday, friends! Welcome to the first installment of a new series. :D 

Several people expressed an interest in seeing more such posts at the close of the bookshelf tour. So I've came up with From the Shelves, which will be book recommendations from my physical books. Sound fun? :D 

This edition will be autumn reads. From the Shelves won't be a monthly occurrence, but I do have several others planned for the next little while. ;) 

Here goes!!


This Quiet Sky by Joanne Bischof is, simply put, a masterpiece. It's winsome and beautiful, heartbreaking and dear. It shattered my heart all over the ground and yet I love it so much. <3 I read it last September, and it makes for the perfect autumn read. 

historical fiction // christian fiction // young adult // romance // tissues recommended 

I have two words to describe any Janette Oke book I've read, The Winds of Autumn included. Warm and real. They are the stories that never fail to warm my heart, make me smile, and make me feel. (This is book two in a series that I would suggest reading in order, though it could be read as a standalone.) 

historical fiction // christan fiction // early 20th century 

I read the Amish Beginnings trilogy by Suzanne Woods Fisher this year and really enjoyed them! The Newcomer was probably my least favorite of the series (shouldn't say that when I'm trying to recommend the book, huh?), but it was still a super good read. And the majority of the book is set in the fall of the year! 

*Read my full review of this book here

historical fiction // christian fiction // amish fiction // romance // revolutionary war era 


Although I haven't had a re-read lately, I read the Summerhill Secrets series several times when I was 10-13. House of Secrets (book six – the first book of the second volume) is one of my favorites of the ten book series, and just so happens to be set in October. Wonderful autumn book! <3 

contemporary fiction // christian fiction // great for teens 

Martin Hospitality is a super amazing book. I had the privilege of beta-reading for Abi, and I totally fell in love with the story. So beautiful and inspiring! It isn't completely set in the fall, but it definitely feels like a fall read to me. ;) 

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contemporary fiction // christian fiction // indie author // young adult 

(I know...I know...a repeat author. But at least the books are vastly different. ;)) I hadn't read many of Beverly Lewis' adult books, until a friend recommended them to me awhile back. I decided to give them a try, and when this book came available for review, I grabbed it. And...(surprise!) I loved it! The writing style is simplistic, the friendship endearing, and the romance sweet. An autumn-feeling book! 

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contemporary fiction // christian fiction // amish fiction // romance 


Yes, that is sunflower petals. No, it's not as nice as I'd hoped it would turn out. 

// From the Start by Melissa Tagg // 

  Kate Walker used to believe in true love and happily ever after. While her own love life may have left her brokenhearted, it hasn't kept her from churning out made-for-TV romance movie screenplays...until a major career slump and a longing to do something meaningful send her running back to her hometown of Maple Valley. 

  Permanently sidelined by an injury, former NFL quarterback Colton Greene is temporarily hiding out in a friend's hometown to avoid the media and the reminders of all he's lost. Maple Valley seems like the perfect place to learn how to adjust to normal life. The only trouble is he's never really done normal before.

  While Kate plays things safe and Colton is all about big risks and grand gestures, they both get what it's like to desperately need direction in life. An unexpected project gives them both a chance to jumpstart their new lives, but old wounds and new dreams are hard to ignore. Starting over wasn't part of the plan, but could it be the best thing that's ever happened to them? 

This book just sounds so sweet! After reading Three Little Words (prequel to the Walker Family series) earlier this year, I knew I wanted to read more. I grabbed this one on a CBD sale and I can't wait to read it!! Obviously, I don't know yet if this book is actually set in the fall, but...doesn't that cover just look like an autumn read?! :D 

// Theft and Thanksgiving by Emily Thomas // 

  Anne Gibson is alarmed when identity thefts leave elderly Blue Hill citizens with bank accounts drained and credit cards maxed out. When a mysterious young woman arrives at the library's first book club meeting and starts asking personal questions of Anne's friend Mildred Farley, Anne wonders if the stranger is behind the thefts. As Anne sets out to uncover the truth, she discovers that there is far more behind the woman's curious behavior than she could have imagined. 
  Meanwhile, when Anne learns that her parents can't come for Thanksgiving, she and her children plan a big dinner at the library for their new friends. But will their guests' last-minute cancellations make the family's first Blue Hill Thanksgiving a lonely one? 

This book sounds so darling! Though I haven't read any/many lately, I do enjoy a good mystery. And this one sounds great! And a Thanksgiving setting? Need I say more? 

I hope y'all enjoyed! Have you read these? Want to now? Any requests for other posts in the series? What's on your Autumn TBR? 



  1. This just about put me in the fall mood. Too bad Texas doesn't have the memo that its almost fall. :/

    This all looks like so much fun. I saw an Amish fiction book at my library this past weekend and I thought, "Faith has either read or would read that." XD


    1. Aww, that's unfortunate. NC can't decide if it's ready for fall or not. ;D

      Yup! Haha, I have read/do read Amish fiction pretty often. ;)

      Thanks for commenting!

  2. The only one I've read from this is SummerHill Secrets, and then only the first collection :D It was great!!! (although, I enjoyed the Holly's Heart series by Beverly Lewis better. Have you read those?)

    Great post, Faith! Something tells me you have a thing for Amish fiction... :D

    1. Summerhill Secrets are so good! (I actually haven't read those, but I'd like to sometime.)

      Haha, ya think? xD

      Thanks for commenting, Lila! :D

  3. Martin Hospitalityyyyyyyy! Your physical copy is so beautiful!

    1. YASSSS!!! My copy is signed too. <33

      Thanks for commenting! :)

  4. This post was so much fun, Faith!! :D I’m going to love this new From the Shelves series. =)
    I should try “This Quiet Sky” sometime, although I’m a little hesitant since it’s a sad book. ;)
    “The Winds of Autumn” is one I really need to read!
    “The Newcomer” was set mostly in fall, wasn’t it? I had forgotten that. ;)
    I’m still in the process of re-reading the SummerHill Secrets! The last book in volume 2 that I read was actually “House of Secrets”.
    “Martin Hospitality”! Yep, it’s definitely fallish. ;)
    I was thinking just recently that “The Wish” really seemed like an fall book, but I couldn’t remember if it actually was or if I just thought that since I read it in the fall. :)
    “Theft and Thanksgiving” is totally a book I’m going to really try and read around Thanksgiving. “From the Start” sounds good. You’ll have to let me know what you think of it and if it turns out to be a fall book! ;)
    A book that I’m hoping to read this fall is “Red Like Crimson” by Janice Thompson. :)

    1. I've had you in mind while planning these posts... ;)
      It is sad...but it's soooo good too. Think kinda like "Dana's Valley", except historical, and it's got romance. <3
      So good!!
      It was! Hehe, I was looking for books for this and I was like "hey, I think that's a fall book!" So I thumbed through it, and yup, it is. ;D
      "House of Secrets" is one of my favorites!! I want to re-read those soon...
      *grins* I should've given you credit for that one.
      Yeah, I can't remember when it actually took place either... Ahh, I think it's probably a good fall read anyway. :P
      Me too!
      Hehe, will do! ;)
      Ooohhh, yes!! Me too! It sounds super sweet, and I want to read more by Janice Thompson. :D

      Thanks for commenting, Rebekah! <3

    2. Really? Aww, I feel so special! <3
      Kinda like “Dana’s Valley”? Oh dear. I mean it was a wonderful book, but so sad! Does “This Quiet Sky” have to do with cancer too?
      “The Wish” was great! Well, if we’re both thinking it’s fall then it probably is. ;)
      I really want to read more of her books too. ;)

      Oh, this is kinda random, but I’m guessing that that’s your bed in the background of the first picture? If so, we have the exact same comforter, except mine is blue. =)

    3. <3 <3
      *nods solemnly* Um, uh, I emailed you about that... *coughs hoping I didn't give a spoiler*
      Haha, probably so. ;)
      After all of Lindsey's mentions of them, how could we not? ;D

      Hehe, yes, that's my bed. ;) Oh, how cool!!

  5. AH THIS QUIET SKY IS SO AMAZING. I just love that book. And Martin Hospitality is great too! I haven't read any of the others but you definitely can't go wrong with Janette Oke or Beverly Lewis :) I'm definitely going to check some of the other ones out! And I think I'm going to enjoy this series very much ;) Thanks for sharing, Faith!

    1. IT IS IT IS. Haha, glad to hear from another reader in agreement with those two. ;D Aww, thanks, Ashley! I hope you continue to enjoy it! <3

  6. I love books. <3 And Fall. And reading in the Fall. ;)
    I have "From the Start" too, but I haven't read it yet, surprisingly. I think I've read each of the other Walker family series by Melissa, but not that first one....I need to do that!!
    Fun post, Faith!

    1. *grins* haha, agreed! ;)
      Oh, really? The series sounds great, and I'm looking forward to them all. :D
      Thank you, Raechel!

  7. AH THIS QUIET SKY. *heart eyes* I absolutely love that book! I also really enjoyed Martin Hospitality and the Summerhill Secret series.

    Would you mind if I did a " From the Shelves " post? I'd give you the credit of course. ;)

    1. ITS SO GOOD. All good ones. <3

      I don't mind a bit!! And if you wouldn't care to drop me the link, I'd love to check it out. :D

    2. I just got my post up!

    3. Thanks for letting me know, Maddy! :D

  8. MARTIN HOSPITALITY! Kind of like you, I was an alpha reader for the book, so I'm excited to read the published version and see how it's changed. I'm so proud of Abi! It's been fun seeing her book adored by the blogosphere. :D

    katie grace
    a writer's faith

    1. <33 Ohh, yes. I remember that now that I think about it. I want to read it again too! It's definitely a loved book. ;)

      Thanks for commenting, Katie!