Saturday, September 2, 2017

Farewell to Summer, Start of School, and Hallmark Movies // August Recap

Today is September. Hahaaa. Silly, Faith. There's no way that's right. *checks calendar* *repetively* 

\\ Life. \\ 

>> I talked to a styrofoam box. (And no, I'm not even kidding.) 

>> I took pictures of pretty things. Like, vines, cornfields, and flower petals. <3 

>> I had a strange convo about a broken tractor thingy. 

Me: *walking up the drive* 
Dad: *comes by on the tractor with the bush-hog behind it* 
Me: *points* That don't look so good. 
Dad: That's what happens when you bush-hog in a Christmas tree field. 
Me: It looks like it's been welded together before. 
Dad: It has. Several times. 

>> I started school. 12th grade. I'm a senior. That's just sorta kinda frightening, ya know? 

>> I apparently was very lame and legit did not have a life because I can think of nothing else to go here. Oh well. 

// Books. // 

I read 17 books this month, y'all. *screams* I haven't read that many books or pages since March. MARCH!

Regal Hearts: Episode One by Livy Jarmusch -- 4 stars 
Waking Up by Ted Dekker -- 4 stars 
The Vintage Wren: Week 1 by Chautona Havig -- 5 stars 
When the Clouds Roll by by Myra Johnson -- 3.5 stars 
Edward's Eyes by Patricia MacLachlan -- 5 stars 
The Vintage Wren: Week 2 by Chautona Havig -- 5 stars 
Tea with Emma by Diane Moody -- 3.5 stars 
The Return by Suzanne Woods Fisher -- 5 stars -- Review HERE
Whisper Goodbye by Myra Johnson -- 4 stars
To Get to You by Joanne Bischof -- 5 stars
Sing a New Song by R.S. Oswald -- 4 stars 
Mother by Kathleen Norris (adapted by Jennie Chancey) -- 5 stars 
Descent by R.S. Oswald -- 3 stars 
Father, Forgive Them by Sarah Holman -- 4.5 stars 
Where Dandelions Grow by Lydia Howe -- 4 stars -- Review to come. 
Choosing Courage by Peter Collier -- 4.5 stars 
Genesis -- 5 stars 

I bought 4 books this month. (I started to type "only" between those first two words, but NO. I'm trying to cut back. Trying to force myself to read all the books I have before I buy more. Keyword? Trying.) 

The Angel of Bastogne by Gilbert Morris 
Love Finds You in Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts by Melody Carlson 
Unforgettable by Trish Perry 
Something Beyond the Sky by Siri L. Mitchell (Spontaneous purchase! I never read by this author, never heard of this book – nothing. But it sounds good. :D) 

\\ Writing. \\ 

Word count: 1,367

So...basically, I failed at writing this month. If that's even a thing? I wrote hardly anything. And what I did write was in this story, so...I'm thinking about finishing it before seriously moving ahead with This Summer. ;D 

I'm also considering submitting this WIP to a publisher... Honestly, that thought is terrifying. But at the same time kinda cool. Any advice? :P 

// Music & Movies. // 

I watched lots of Hallmark movies, y'all. I watched the series of Signed, Sealed, Delivered episodes. Along with the next 5 movies. XD Other Hallmark movies were The Reckoning (finally finished that series <3) and The Perfect Bride. 

I also watched Moondance Alexander and half of The Waltons: Season 7. (Pearl Harbor was bombed, peeps. *sobs*) 

*does not know what I listened to other than the obvious answer of Pandora, so sneakily skips that part* 

\\ Blogging. \\ 

I hit 55 Google followers!! Thanks, guys!! :D 

Epic Posts... 

// Goals. // 

~ August Goals 

>> Finish beta-reading project.   I DID IT, PEOPLE. (Admit it, you thought that would still be on the list when I'm a 62 year-old spinster.) 

>> Read 10 books.      *smirks cheerfully* 

>> Begin again posting weekly on Chosen Vessels.     #success

>> Start school.     *smirks not-so-cheerfully* 

>> Catch up on blogging and emails.       .....kinda of? 

>> Write 10k in new writing project.      *cries* Um, no. I don't think I even wrote in TS

>> Edit 14 chapters of War Tears.      *laughs like a maniac* I edited like the prologue, y'all. The PROLOGUE. *rolls eyes at self* 

~ September Goals 

>> Read 10 books. 

>> Write in A Soldier's Story. 

>> Edit in War Tears. 

>> Survive school. 

>> Continue posting weekly at Chosen Vessels and here. 

>> Get/stay caught up on emails and blogging. 

ALSO! Two super epic things are going to be happening in the month of October. Now, obviously this month is not October (thank heavens – its flying by fast enough as is), but both of those things will be announced sometime this month. So stay tuned... :D 

How was your August? Your whole summer? Got a favorite memory? Have you started school? Read an epic book? Wrote an epic book? Let's chat, friends. <3 


  1. I love the title of your post, Faith, and the post itself! :D
    Oh, those are pretty pictures!
    Wow, you read 17 books?! I read 5… But I hope to read lots more this month!
    Oh you have LFYI Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts. I got that one earlier this year. I really need to stop buying books and read the ones I have too. ;) It’s so hard though!
    Signed, Sealed, Delivered! I need to watch more soon!!

    1. Aww, thanks, Rebekah! :D Quite honestly, it took me awhile to come up with a title I liked. :P
      Thanks! <3
      Yeah....but at least 3 of them were actually short-stories. Still! I was quite pleased. :) That's great!
      Yup, I got it at 2nd&Charles earlier this month. I picked it up because, last year in ASL class, my teacher told us that a much-larger-than-normal number of deaf people are there. I wanna read this book and see if it talks about that at all. ;) Hehe, I know! It's like an addiction... ;)
      It's so good!!! <3

  2. The real question is did the Styrofoam box talk back to you? XD

    Sounds like this month was great! I wish I read that many books. I need to start a book fund soon. That way I can buy more books.

    Yay, senior year is exciting. It can be hard knowing its the last year of high school, but God's got big things planned for you! <3

    Can't wait for your announcement for October. I love October. Its probably one of my favorite months. The last three months of the year are my favorite because it gets a bit cooler out. There's signs that fall is coming full swing for us this year, so I'm super excited. Last couple years it was still hot on Christmas!


    1. Hahaha! Fortunately (or unfortunately??), no, it did not. It continued sliding around in the backseat, despite my commands to stop. :P

      It was!! Hey, sounds like a good idea. A public library might be cheaper though.... ;)

      It is exciting! Aww, thanks for the encouragement! <3

      Mine too! I love autumn, especially October. <3 Ack, hot Christmases are TERRIBLE. It's supposed to be snowing, right? Like, in the movies? xD

    2. How rude. It should have stayed still.

      Yeah, but the books I want to read aren't in my library. They have the terrible YA. :/

      Yes! I love October. The Fall feeling is awesome. Actually, this Thursday, the morning is going to be cool enough for me to wear a hoodie, which is awesome!

      It doesn't snow where I live. Most of Texas doesn't get snow, but we've had those odd years where we get a tiny coating of snow.

    3. IKR. So inconsiderate.

      Ahh, got ya. *makes face*

      It's amazing. <3 Very awesome! *wore a hoodie this weekend*

      Oh okay. I wasn't sure where you live. XD I can't imagine not getting snow!

  3. Goodness gracious, that's a lot of books, Faith! I don't know how you do it. ^.^
    Haha, I'm with you on the "trying" not to get more books. However, it is not working for me. At all. XD
    I hope school is going well for you!
    Oh and submitting to a publisher would be very cool! :)

    1. Haha, yes! Honestly, this time it was pool days. I spent a lot of time this month lounging by the pool and devouring stacks of fiction. ;)
      I'm gonna try to stay true to it this time....TRY. XP
      Thank you! <3
      I'm excited!

  4. Ahhh, don't feel bad about not writing much! You READ so much!!!!!

    1. Very true. I shouldn't be so hard on myself, ehh? XD

  5. Wow :D Thanks! I didn't realize Chasing Jupiter review counted as an epic post! xD Awfully nice of you to include it! *hugs*

    1. Haha, well I thought it was great and flagged it to use here. xD You're welcome! *hugs*

  6. Signed, Sealed, Delivered!!!!!! *fangirl flailing* I love that show and the movies!!!

    ~ Abby {}

  7. Why are Hallmark movies so addicting....

  8. I talk to inanimate objects all the time. Particularly when they're in my way -- as if it's their fault I banged into them and not mine. XD

    School . . . yay . . . excitement. :P

    Hallmark movies are SOOO cheesy, but I always watch their movies a TON around Christmastime anyway. Sometimes you just need a cheesy, feel-good movie. XD

    ~Lydia~ <3

    1. Haha! #relatable

      Yes...exactly... Okay, so it's not that bad. I like being on a schedule, anyway. xD

      *laughing* Yes, they most definitely can be. SSD isn't too bad though. ;D Any and all Christmas movies are great!

  9. The Waltons!!! Oh man the episode about Pearl Harbor was the BEST/WORST. Glad to see you had a good August. I've really missed reading these recaps. Good luck in your senior year!!

    1. IKR!! It was so good...but so sad. *heartbreak*

      Thank you so much, Lauren! :D

  10. Nice post, Faith! I know, starting my senior year is kinda like, "Woah, hold up!" XD

    1. Thanks, Livi! Haha, I know! O.O
      OMW YES YES.

  11. What happened to summer anyway?? And school uggggh. Are you enjoying it so far? (if you've started.)

    1. That's what I'd like to know. xD Uggghh is right. Yup, I started a couple weeks ago. It's going pretty good. :D