Saturday, September 30, 2017

Hurricanes, Bargain Books, and Story Hype // September Recap

Welcome to the September 2017 recap, friends! Honestly, these recaps are rolling around FAR too OFTEN. *huffs*

\\ Life. \\ 

>> I had some weird-for-most, normal-for-the-Potts-house, amusing lil' conversations... 

Me: *walks into the kitchen* Just so you know, as a general rule, clothes on my desk chair will be dirty. 
Mom: *looks at me like you're-17-years-old-and-perfectly-capable-of-making-sure-your-clothes-get-to-the-hamper*
Me: know...I like crash the bike into the ditch and die. You might want to wash my clothes before giving them to Goodwill. 
Mom: *laughs and rolls her eyes* 

Bro: *listening to music*
Music: "we put a man on the moon, and before we're done we'll put a man on the sun" 
Me: What IS that?! 

Me: *walking up the stairs from the basement after feeding the dogs*
Me: *hears the oven timer beeping*
Me: *wondering why Mom isn't turning it off*
Me: *walks into the kitchen*
Mom: *standing in front of the dishwasher* *staring at said dishwasher with phone in hand*
Mom: Why is this thing making that noise?!
Me: Mother! That's the oven! 

>> This happened. Some random dude photobombed my selfie. I really don't know him. Honest. *look of supreme innocence* What? 

>> I saw my characters in a restaurant and it was utterly amazing and inspired a new scene (actually, two) and I am just so happy over it, YAS. Also, you're welcome for that run-on, grammar nazi frens.  

>> A friend sent me a sweet note and bookmark and totally made my day!! ^_^ 

>> Hurricanes happened. Not good stuff, peeps. Irma effected us somewhat (and Maria canceled our beach trip *scowls*), but we faired much better than some. #prayersforTexas #prayersforFlorida

>> Those moments when... 

When you're staring off into space, planning the next scene in your head and grinning like a moron, and a guy who works for your dad walks by watching you suspiciously... 

When you type 'stupid' into your phone and it offers 'phone' as the next word. 
Me: See?! You even admit to it!

When someone is talking about a capo and you're just like... Is it kinda like a cape? Because I was that kid who draped a blanket around their shoulders and ran around the house, thinking that if I ran fast enough it would fly out behind me.

>> It's fall, peeps. Ya know what that means? That means CANDY CORN. 'Nough said.

>> I got back into pottery after taking the summer off! :D 

>> I spent a glorious day at the lake with my family. ^_^ 

\\ Books. \\ 

I read... 
The Vintage Wren: Week 3 by Chautona Havig -- 5 stars 
The Home for Wayward Children by R.S. Oswald -- 4 stars 
Millie's Steadfast Love by Martha Finley -- 5 stars 
Dying for Love by Cara Putman -- 3.5 stars 
Dancing on the Head of a Pen by Robert Benson -- 3.5 stars 
Princess of the Reformation: Jeanne D'Albret by Rebekah Dan -- 5 stars -- Review HERE
Choosing the Cowboy by Liz Isaacson -- 3.5 stars 
James -- 5 stars 

So remember what I said last month about trying not to buy many more books? Yeah, well, it ain't going so well. *cough* 

Kisses from Katie by Katie Davis -- library book sale 
The Proving by Beverly Lewis -- review book
Destroy by Tricia Mingerink -- bought new
Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen -- giveaway win

Bought from a Goodreads friend who was getting rid of some books... 
Kelly's Chance, Sarah's Choice, and Love Finds a Way by Wanda E. Brunstetter 
Sweet Sanctuary by Kim Vogel Sawyer
A Christmas Gift for Rose by Tricia Goyer 
Happy Trails by Roy Rogers & Dale Evans Rogers 

The good thing is that my wallet is still pretty much happy. Aside from Destroy, all of these were free or $1 deals. But, you see, then shipping comes into play. Let's just think about that for a moment, alright? It's not okay when the shipping cost more than the books. (I think I need a carrier pigeon...a big one...I could send him to get my books...) 

\\ Writing. \\ 

Word count: 20,003 

Do y'all see that glorious number I just had the privilege of typing? So many words!! All but like *maybe* 1k of those were poured into my precious A Soldier's Story. It is growing, y'all. It's now over 43k!! Out of 30 days, I wrote 26 or 27 days this month. *squeals* 

Back in January, I was living and breathing Dandelion Dust. It was the story of my heart, the one I felt like I was meant to write. Then, in April, War Tears got its turn for that. (Ya know, when I went a little crazier than usual and wrote 60k in one month.) And now it's A Soldier's Story's turn. The characters are so very dear to me and the story is just flowing. I love it. <3 

The editing of War Tears has been postponed until this one is finished. I want to go back to WT, but I feel like this is the story I'm supposed to be writing right now. Once it's out, I'll be able to focus on my precious WWII novel. And hopefully after I finish the first edit of it, I'll find time to edit A Soldier's Story and turn it into a serial story on here, sometime after the first of the year, like I've talked about. ;) 

\\ Music & Movies. \\ 

*is not even sure what to write here* I listened to Pandora and didn't even pat attention to the songs much? Yeah, basically. Oh, but I do love these. 

Warrior ~ Hannah Kerr
The Locket ~ Lauren Alaina
My Recovery ~ Unspoken 

So, I watched some When Calls the Heart episodes from season 4. Like, y'all...they're just as amazing as I expected. *sighs happily* I must finish those soon. ^_^ *forces self not to ramble and fangirl over THAT right here right now because SPOILERS* 

We also finished Waltons S7 and started S9. (We don't have S8 for some reason? Weird? I know.) Speaking of which, here's a golden Waltons moment that you obviously needed in your life. 

Elizabeth: Erin, what do you do when you can't fall asleep?
Erin: I stay awake. 

\\ Blogging. \\ 

Some of my top favorite posts of the month :D 

\\ Goals. \\ 

~ September Goals 

>> Read 10 books.            I was close? And I might finish another tonight and then I'd be REALLY close? 

>> Write in A Soldier's Story.           I DID VERY WELL WITH THIS THANK YOU VERY MUCH. 

>> Edit in War Tears.          *cough* No. Explanation in Writing section. 

>> Survive school.              *nods pathetically* I'm still alive, so obviously I'm surviving. (This week is fall break so like YAYYY.) 

>> Continue posting weekly at Chosen Vessels and here.      I think I missed a week here? But for the most part, yes. 

>> Get/stay caught up on emails and blogging.          YES FINALLY. Okay, so not 100%. But I'm doing quite well, so I'm giving myself some credit here. 

~ October Goals 

>> Read 8 books. 

>> Finish A Soldier's Story, first draft. 

>> Join Ivie's October Writing Challenge. 

>> Stay caught up with emails. 

>> Take part in the Five Fall Favorites party

>> Have an absolute blast when this awesome gal comes to visit! 

Happy a blessed October, dears! <3 


  1. Haha, all of those “weird-for-most, normal-for-the-Potts-house, amusing lil' conversations…” were great! ;)
    Eeps! I love the pottery pictures! Very pretty, Faith! You are talented! :)
    I got “The Proving” this month too!!!!! :D I cannot wait to read it! Oh, I also have “Kelly’s Chance”, “Love Finds a Way”, and “A Christmas Gift for Rose”. Haha, a carrier pigeon big enough to carry books would be great! No more shipping! ;)
    Great job on all that writing, Faith!!!
    YES! When Calls the Heart!!! You definitely do need to finish the season soon! ;) That is a pretty picture of the church!
    *smiles* That last picture. =)

    1. *grins* Thank ya!
      Aww, thanks, girl! <3
      It sounds good!! Now, if I could ever get some reading time, maybe I'd get around to it... ;D Fun! Maybe we should add "Kelly's Chance" and "Love Finds a Way" to the books-we-both-have-list. XD Have you read them? Wouldn't that be awesome?!
      Thanks, girl! <3
      Hehehe, I do. I really do. ;)

    2. Oh, we should add "Kelly's Chance" and "Love Finds a Way" to our list. I haven't read either of them. :)

  2. The little conversations were the funniest thing ever. You made my day, Faith. Especially the "before we're done we'll put a man on the sun." I laughed way too hard at that. It freaked my cat out. #Lonely

    1. Haha, me and my family are slightly insane. XD *grins* I'm so glad!

  3. *squeals* Your dogs are so adorable!!!
    I can't believe how fast the months go by. Its crazy. Your month sounded awesome. And I didn't think people photobombed anymore, but that is hilarious!
    And thanks for the mention! That makes me so happy!!!:D :D
    Have a rocking October! <3


    1. *grins* Aren't they?! <3
      It issss crazy. Haha, apparently my bro does. xD
      You're so welcome! I'm super thrilled for your challenge. :D
      You too, Ivie! <3