Tuesday, February 6, 2018

The Literary Dinner Party Tag!

Hello friends! 

After a month away from the blogging realm, I'm officially back and planning to tackle the stack of tags awaiting me. There will hopefully be a tag every Tuesday this month, starting today and excluding next week...because #reasons.

For today, Ivie @ Ivie Writes tagged me for the Literary Dinner Party tag. It looks like sooo much fun. Here goes :D

1 // A character who can/likes to cook.

Debbie Carmichael from Love Me Tender works in a restaurant, sooo...? *nods* We'll go with that. 

2 // A character who has the money to fund this party.

Legit anyone in the Bradford family, in the Bradford Sisters series by Becky Wade. We'll go with Nora. ;)

3 // A character that might cause a scene.

Andrea Carter in any of the Circle C books. She wouldn't do it intentional...but things don't always go according to plan with her around. :P

4 // A character who is amusing.

I could say my own characters... (Because, y'all, I finished my read-through of A Soldier's Freedom this afternoon, and my characters are SO SNARKY AND GOLD. <3) ...but instead, I'll go with Don and Cyril from the A Life of Faith: Millie Keith series. ;) 

5 // A character who is super popular.

Leith Torren. He may not be popular to the majority of the world, but he definitely is to TBoA fangirls. *points to self*

6 // One villain.

Erich Essler from A Question of Honor. He's like the epic-est, best-est villain ever.

7 // One couple-doesn't have to be romantic.

Riley and Becca from To Get to You are SO-O adorable! 

8 // One hero.

Walt Novak. You thought I was going to get through this without mentioning Sarah Sundin, didn't you? *winks*

9 // One underappreciated character.

This one was rather difficult... but I finally came up with William from The Princess and I. I'm still trying to recover from that ending... *sniffles*

10 // One character of your own choosing.

Sadie from The Pursued. (Jake may accompany her if he so wishes.) She's such a dear thing! <3 

Well, that was harder than I thought it would be... :P I feel like I mention half of these books in every bookish tag, but I am trying to be creative...promise... *wink*

Alrighty, I hereby tag... anyone who read this post while wearing socks.

Thanks for reading, dears! <3


  1. LEITH. Please and thank you. <3333333

  2. Looks like I have to do this tag. I was wearing socks. XD

  3. What a fun tag! :)
    Great choice for #1. That was a fun book. =)
    Hehe, yeah, Andi is definitely one who could unintentionally cause a scene. ;)
    *smiles* Cyril and Don.
    I seriously want to read “To Get to You” soon!!! I’ll let yo know when I do! ;D

    1. Yep! :)
      It really was!
      ikr! <3
      Yay! I really think/hope you'll like it. :D

  4. Haha, I'm wearing socks, but no tag backs! XD
    Great choices, though I don't think I've read any of these, they all sound pretty cool. I really want to read To Get to You!!! I have to save up money. XD


    1. Haha, whoops. xD
      Oh my goodness, I love that book SO.MUCH.ACK. <33 I'd love to hear your thoughts whenever you do read it. ;D

  5. Well it's a good day to be wearing socks :D
    Loved your book choices 😁😁

  6. Faith! That's cheating. XD Looks like this is my second ever blog tag. Sounds like so much fun. :D

    Nice by the way.

    Oh man... I wanna read "To Get to You" soooo bad!!! I just can't seem to get to it somehowwwwww! :'(

    1. Mwahaha. xD But the tag came with no rules so I didn't have to tag anyone...hmm... ;)


      Oh my goodness, that one is so sweet! <3

  7. This sounds like a fun tag! Let's see what I can do (and no, I was not wearing socks xP).

    1. A character who can/likes to cook.
    By the end of ‘Anne of Green Gables’ (Lucy Maud Montgomery, Anne Shirley has finally learned to cook. ;)

    2. A character who has the money to fund this party.
    Hm. I expect Raoul, Lord Kiralyn, from ‘The Secret Slipper’ (Amanda Tero) could. He seems fairly well off.

    3. A character that might cause a scene.
    (Theodore) Laurie Laurence from ‘Little Women’ (Louisa May Alcott).

    4. A character who is amusing.
    The King from ‘Alice's Adventures in Wonderland’ (Lewis Carroll). Alright, so *everyone* there is amusing . . . *grins at the memories of them* . . . but the king is particularly hilarious. ��

    5. A character who is super popular.
    Ishmael from ‘Jonas & Olivia’ (Victoria Minks). Practically (if not each) review raves over him. <3

    6. One villain.
    Miss Maria Minchin from ‘A Little Princess’ (Frances Hodgson Burnett). *glares*

    7. One couple (doesn't have to be romantic).
    William & Clara McDonald from ‘The Old River Road’ (Ivy Rose).

    8. One hero.
    Roberta (Bobbie) from ‘The Railway Children’ (Edith Nesbit). Well, yes, Peter and Phil (Phyllis) are too, but Bobbie is the most heroic. <3

    9. One underappreciated character.
    Erich Essler from ‘A Question of Honor’ (Jesseca Wheaton). He's my favorite character in the. whole. book. and no one else seems to appreciate him as I do!! *frowns*

    10. One character of your own choosing.
    Alan McLean from ‘Home Fires of the Great War’ (Rebekah A. Morris). I loooooove Alan. . . and Edmund Foster. <3

    This was hard!!! I tried very hard to feature each author only once. . . *hopes I succeeded*

    ~Katja L.

    1. Anne! Raoul! Ishmael! Erich! William and Clara! Good choices. :P <3

      That was fun, Katja! :D

  8. Fun tag! I actually haven't read any of these... I'd better get to work on that! ;D Hmm, so I read this while wearing socks... so, perhaps I'll do this tag on my blog sometime soon! :)

    1. They're all great books! :D Hehe, I'd love to see your answers. ;)

  9. I finally got to doing mine. XD It was a lot of fun, thanks Faith!