Friday, February 16, 2018

When Calls the Heart party ~ Day Five ~ Funny Moments

Happy Friday, dear friends! Can you believe there's only one day (well, after today xD) left of the party? It has seriously flown by!

Today I'm going to share some random funny moments from the show, interspersed with humorous random pictures. Most of the photos are behind the scenes/off-set. ;) 

~ Jack and Elizabeth's arguments and disagreements in Lost & Found. The way they go back and forth is so hilarious! ;D

~ When Elizabeth falls asleep in the classroom/saloon and Jack leaves a note stuck to her forehead.

~ When Elizabeth gives Jack the intelligence test, and then he gives it to her and tells her she didn't do very well... Those scenes are just so adorable and cute and comical. ;D <3

~ The canvas. Need I say more? Jack secretively paints a backdrop for a play that the children are presenting, and includes a depiction of himself and Elizabeth...kissing. It's quite amusing when she confronts him about it later. ;)

~ Rosemary enjoys doting on Lee after he hurts his foot at the lumber mill. I don't usually like GIFs, but this one is absolutely adorable. *points below*

~ Rosemary and Lee's marriage counseling session with Pastor Frank, shortly before their wedding. The part where Rosemary talks about 'sticky children' never fails to crack me up.

~ When Bill is filling in for Abigail at the cafe and someone dares complain about their food... Clara tells Bill, and he approaches the man, wearing an apron with spatula in hand. ;D

~ The baseball game! Elizabeth and Jack as opposing coaches was sweet and funny, and the game—including Bill and Abigail disagreeing on a call—was so fun.

~ When Lee's loses his voice...and Rosemary accompanies him to work and 'assists' him. Oh goodness, it's insanely funny. Poor Lee looks miserable. ;)

I hope you enjoyed!! Obviously this isn't all of the comical moments from the show, but these are a few I thought of. Be sure to visit Rebekah's blog and read her post for today. :D

What's your favorite funny moment from WCTH?


  1. I can’t believe that the party ends tomorrow! It really did seem to fly by! I’ve been having so much fun though!
    This post is great, Faith! All the funny moments and the random pictures interspersed are so fun! :D
    Those Elizabeth and Jack parts in Lost and Found with their disagreements and when Jack leaves the note stuck to Elizabeth’s forehead are funny! ;)
    The canvas! Yes! That’s great.
    I don’t really care for GIFs but that one you found is great! ;)
    All of these that you mentioned are so funny. It makes me want to hurry and finish re-watching the show so I can watch those parts again. ;)
    Another funny part that I like is when Rosemary sells the pin that Lee was planning to give her for Christmas and Jack finds out, gets it back and tells Rosemary to put it back and on Christmas to be “surprised and delighted”. ;)

    1. I knoowww! It's going/gone by so fast! It's a lot of fun. :D <3
      Thanks, girl!! :D
      Hehehe, those are just hilarious. I'd forgotten just how humorous until re-watching recently. ;)
      Haha, I know!
      Yeah...GIFs usually drive me insane with the way they just repeat themselves over.and.over.and.over. XD But yes, that one is cute! <3
      Aww, yes, me too!!
      Oh my goodness, yes! *laughs* There're a lot of good and funny Rosemary moments. ;D
      (Also, hooray for the comment staying put! <3)

    2. Yeah, I don’t really like how GIFs keep on repeating and repeating. But yes, that is the best! I love it. :)
      Oh my, yes, there are a ton of funny Rosemary moments. What would we do without her? ;)
      ( :D )

    3. Yup, it just annoys me. ;D Me too!!
      Hehe, think we'd get bored? ;)

  2. Ah! I literally just finished that episode when Lee hurt his foot, sooooo funny! I do so love Rosemary. Fun post as always!

    1. That episode is sooo good!! :D Me too! Thanks, Victoria. :D

  3. I adore adore ADORE When Calls the Heart - hilarious post! The comedy in the show can just be adorable. <3 <3 <3