Wednesday, February 14, 2018

When Calls the Heart party ~ Day Three ~ Cute Couples

Happy Valentines Day, friends! :) In honor of the day, we're going to talk about all the cute couples of When Calls the Heart. ;D

(My apologies for the lateness of this post. Faith overslept, skipped breakfast, dashed out the door, and just got home from a class. :P)

I'm going to divide the couples into 'those who made it'—the ones who are still couples—and 'those who didn't'—the couples who didn't last. ;)

Those Who Made It 

Lee and Rosemary ~ Lee and Rosemary are a super cute couple! Rosemary appeared first on the show in late-season 1, and I did not like her. She was trying to come between Jack and Elizabeth, which is not okay. Lee came onto the show in early season 2, I believe. (The seasons run together in my mind, y'all. xD) I didn't like him at first either. I thought he was a con-man. ;D But eventually, I came to adore them both, especially when together. Their proposal and wedding was so sweet! <3

Jack and Elizabeth ~ Being the main characters, these two have been on the show since the beginning. Elizabeth is Hope Valley's schoolteacher and Jack is the town's constable. These two have some really cute moments and I'm hoping for a wedding in season 5. :D <3

Jesse and Clara ~ Clara originally entered the series as Abigail's daughter-in-law who no one knew existed. I wasn't sure if I liked her at first, but she's super sweet. Jesse first appeared in the New Years special that is part of season 3. I...didn't like him at first either?  (I'm so untrusting. xD) But he proved himself, so I guess he can stick around...and they are pretty cute... ;)

Those Who Didn't 

Bill and Abigail ~ Bill came to the town and the show in season 1 to aid Jack in investigating the mine disaster. Pretty soon, he was dating Abigail Stanton, one of the miners' widows who's been on the show since the beginning. Before long, it came out that Bill was married—something he'd lied to Abigail about—and their relationship obviously fell apart. :P They are now business partners though, and Abigail is dating Pastor Frank Hogan.

Julie and Tom ~ Elizabeth's little sister, Julie, came on the show near the end of season 1, and then returned in season 2. Tom is Jack's younger—and quite troublesome—brother. We haven't seen anything from either of them since the end of season 2. Both of them need to grow up a bit before attempting a serious relationship, but they were still pretty fun. ;D

Visit Rebekah's blog for lots of adorable Jack & Elizabeth moments! :D (Also, in case you missed it, there's an epic indie book sale going on right now.)

Who's your favorite WCTH couple? :D


  1. Happy Valentine’s Day, Faith! <3
    When Calls the Heart has some of the cutest couples!!!
    Lee and Rosemary are just too adorable! I don’t think too many people liked Rosemary at first. I think I liked Lee from the beginning. Like I wasn’t sure exactly what to think of him, but I didn’t dislike him either... ;)
    Jack and Elizabeth are a wonderful couple too. There’s just got to be a wedding soon!
    Jesse and Clara are pretty cute. I don’t think that too many people liked Jesse right away either. ;)
    Bill and Abigail…*wink* I believe this is like pretty much the only thing we don’t agree on! ;D ;D I’m in favor of Frank and Abigail, although I’m a bit worried because Frank wasn’t in the Christmas Wishing Tree episode…
    Tom and Julie so have got to come back! Or at least make a mention of what on earth happened!
    Lovely post, Faith! =)

    1. Happy Valentines Day, sweet Rebe! <3
      I know, it does! :D
      Lee and Rosemary are seriously so cute. I'll never get over how adorable they are together. ;) Yes, Rosemary was pretty overbearing in the beginning...I'm glad she's mellowed out a bit. Hehe, yes, Lee is great. ;)
      I really hope so! I keep seeing hints for a wedding in season 5, but I don't know... ;)
      Hehe, same here. ;)
      Haha, probably so! Hmm...Frank wasn't in The Wishing Tree? *whistles innocently and pretends I didn't notice* *wink*
      Yes, I agree! C'mon Hallmark, the Hearties wanna know. ;D
      Thanks, girlie! <3

  2. I absolutely loved Lee and Rosemary! They were such a cute couple. <3


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