Tuesday, February 13, 2018

When Calls the Heart party ~ Day Two ~ Pros and Cons

Good morning, Hearties! :) Hope y'all are enjoying the party as much as we are!

A quick note that totally slipped my mind yesterday – This party isn't just for Rebekah and I! Anyone who so wishes is completely welcome to participate! You can write a post about anything related to WCTH. You may use the graphics as well if you like! One was at the top of yesterday's post, the second is below, and another will be coming tomorrow. ;) If you do post, be sure to drop the link in Rebekah or my comment box so we can read it! :D

Today, I'm going to take a look into the 'pros and cons' of each season. The Pros are things that I particularly like about each season. And the Cons aren't all things that are wrong with the seasons, there's just things I didn't like as much. ;)

Season One


~ Getting to know all the characters and Coal Valley townspeople.

~ The Montgomery family! As I mentioned yesterday, I really liked these characters in season 1. :D

~ All the mine explosion aftermath. I know, terrible. But I enjoyed seeing how the widows and the families pulled together in the months following the tragedy.

~ Bill and Abigail. *coughs* I know, I know...it didn't last. He was technically married. But it was cute, while it was a thing. ;) <3 #BillandAbigailforever


~ At first, I couldn't think of anything to put here. But then last night, while re-watching Lost & Found, I noticed Elizabeth's hair and how different it is from later in the series. The curls are pretty. the rest of the 'do...not so much. ;P

Season Two


~ Julie and Tom! They were quite the troublemakers, but I liked those two on this season. Maybe they'll both resurface for a wedding in season 5. *wiggles eyebrows*

~ Elizabeth's family. Meeting Elizabeth's parents and sisters was cool. ;)


~ The fact that so much time is spent in Hamilton. Not sure if the producers were trying out something new or what, but I'm just like "take us back to Coal/Hope Valley!' :P

~ Julie's disappearance. Excuse me, Hallmark, but I want to know what was planned for that storyline were she so mysteriously snuck around and then vanished. I kept expecting something from her on season 3, and...? Yup, nothing. Weird.

~ CHARLES KENSINGTON. Sorry, Charles-lovers, but I never liked this dude. And the way he showed up at the end of the season... *shakes head* Not okay, bro.

Season Three


~ Jack got hurt. *nods* That sounds terrible, but if you know me very well, then you'd know I love injury in books and movies. The more life-threatening, the better. ;)

~ Alllll the Lee and rosemary moments. Seriously, these two are just the cutest thing. Their screen moments always have me laughing and smiling over their adorableness. And the wedding! <3


~ Hmm...I can't think of any cons here. I really loved this season. :D

Season Four


~ The proposal! *melts* That was so sweet!

~ Again, Lee and Rosemary. Seeing their married life was just as fun as seeing their dating/engaged moments. They are just so cute. ;D


~ Doug's death. Oh my goodness, the funeral though, y'all. That was just so sad. <3

~ Jack's...leaving... *sniffles* Like, why must you go dude?! So sweet though. (Since this is supposed to be about season 4, I'll refrain from squealing about what happened in The Wishing Tree. *wink*)

Hop on over to Rebekah's blog for some changes in the series over the current four seasons and a quiz! :D

What's your favorite season?


  1. Oh my stars.
    Lee & Rosemary *squeals in delight*

    BEST PROPOSAL EVER!!!!! Gahhh so much adorableness. I can't even. Hahaha.
    *winks* and yes the wishing tree pretty cool.

    1. AGREEEDD! <33

      Haha, I know, right?! :D They're just soooo cute. It really was. Can't wait for Season 5!

  2. I have to admit, I didn’t really like Rosemary at first... but now I love her character... especially her and Lee together. :)
    And Jack’s and Elizabeth’s proposal is so sweet!
    It was so sad when Doug died.
    There’s so much I love about this series!!

    1. Same here, Sarah. ;)
      It was precious! <3
      Ahh, I know. :'(
      Agreed!! It's just so lovely!

  3. What a fun idea, Faith! :D
    Those season 1 pros are all great. Well except for the Bill and Abigail forever part. *wink*
    Hehe, yes, Elizabeth’s hair is definitely different in season 1. I like it better in the other seasons. ;)
    This Julie thing has got to be resolved soon! And I totally agree about Charles!!! He was awful!!! I mean he was nice enough, but trying to come between Jack and Elizabeth? No way! ;) The one thing that I didn’t like as much in season 2 was that there was quite a bit of tension between Jack and Elizabeth towards the end of the season.
    *laughs* Your first Pros of season 3 made me smile. ;) I should’ve known. ;) Yes, season 3 was great!
    The proposal!! <3 Definitely the main pros of the season! Seeing Lee and Rosemary as newlyweds was such fun! One of the cons from season 4 for me was Ray Wyatt. He was so awful!

    1. Thanks, dear! :D
      Whaaaa? No Bill and Abigail? *wink*
      Me too! ;)
      Ahh, Julie, come back! Charles...well...yeah, I kinda hope we've seen the last of him. ;)
      Yes, the tension in season 2 wasn't fun. :(
      Hehehe, I was pretty sure that wouldn't come as a surprise to you. ;D It was! <3
      Ahh, so precious!! <3 <3 Ugh, goodness yes. Ray Wyatt is a bad dude. :P