Friday, March 23, 2018

Vulnerability in Writing.

Whether you've ever fell into writing or not (I'm thoroughly convinced it's something that some people are dragged into unawares *points to self*), chances are you can relate to the feeling of being vulnerable.

I can. And honestly? It's not typically a nice feeling. But something good usually does come from it. Today we're gonna talk about how to be vulnerable in our writing.

In the past year, I've sent my critique partner all three of my finished books. The problem? All three were in the first draft stage.

First, Dandelion Dust. I wasn't too nervous because I was pretty confident that, although far from perfect, it was a pretty decent first draft.

Then, she read War Tears in the spring/summer. I was a tad nervous this time because, although she literally already knew all the plot twists, the book was an absolute disaster. Still, I was okay. It wasn't that bad and she gave awesome feedback—as always.

Lastly, this January, my critique partner sent me the last book in her trilogy. (After editing once, of course, because she's smart like that.) I began reading it and didn't say a word about how, months earlier, she'd insisted I swap her A Soldier's Freedom for her book. Some time passed—less than a week, I'd say—and then she remembered. And wanted the book. Right then.

(Being the sneaky friend I am, I quietly opened her book's file and copied its entire contents—amidst the argument of when and why I should give her my baby. So that, should she decide to revoke my rights—which may or may not have been threatened—I'd still have some reading material. She'd already shared it, so taking it back would be nearly as bad as stealing. Right? She also did not know about this until now. Whoops.)

Long story short (or not), I gave in and sent her the book and she finished it several weeks ago.

So why did I hesitate more to share this book than I did with the previous two? Other than the fact that I didn't want to lose a good argument... ;)

Well, it means a lot to me, obviously—every book does. But with A Soldier's Freedom it's different somehow.

It's also a book that I didn't share that much about beforehand—even with my critique partner, who usually knows more about my current project than I do. I did some blog posts about it, sure. Talked about it some. And that was good, because it made me not so afraid to open up.

But...I didn't share the heart of the story. I didn't get into the nitty-gritty and just talk about it.

Since then, I have. With my critique partner, and my mom knows most of the story now too. (Did I mention she helped me plot the rest of the series? Did I even tell y'all it's gonna be series?! <33)

And because of all that, the story means even more to me than it did before. It has a purpose, a meaning. It's a story waiting to be told. 

As writers, we're called to tell those stories. Because somewhere out there, there's someone who may need to read that story you're keeping hidden behind lock and key.

Don't be afraid to talk about the hard subjects, my friends. After all, aren't those the ones we ourselves have to deal with?

So there's my really long, nonsensical take on why we should strive to be vulnerable in our writing. Not only is it good for us, but it can help someone else. Someone who's been there.

Be vulnerable, dears. In writing stories and in living your own story. <3

What's your take on vulnerability? Is the insane all-over-the-place style of this post making you laugh as hard as it's making me laugh? 


  1. WHAT?!?! *sputters* Child, what even?! You made yourself another copy of MY book?! I is gonna pound you.

    On another note. . . Beautiful post and one I needed to read. <3

    Now. To discuss your punishment. . .

    1. *beams angelically* For some reason, I'm not very scared...

      Good to hear. <3

      Hmmm? *halo*

  2. Great post, Faith! It made me smile =)
    It’s especially being vulnerable sharing your writing with others... I mean when you pour your heart, tears, and time into a piece of writing then you want people to love it ... but since you did pour your heart, tears, and time into it then often, as you said, we’d rather keep it under lock and key.
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Aww, glad to hear it, Sarah!
      Well said! *applause* We want to hide it away because it means so much to us, but that's exactly why we should share it.
      Thanks for reading! <3

  3. Lovely post, Faith! Great points;D

  4. I totally understand your feelings, Faith. I'm always nervous to share my book babies with others, besides my younger siblings who like whatever I tell them, no matter how bad the plots are at the time;)

    And yes, we need people willing to address the hard a loving, Christian way. I recently published a book addressing the anti police movement. I was sorta skirting certain issues, but I hope I was able to open people's eyes to the fact that policemen are people just like us and they have problems, just like us. This was the hardest book I ever wrote, but it also means the most to me.

    1. It makes me nervous too! Hehe, little siblings sounds like a good first-reader choice. ;)

      Yes, absolutely! We need to be writers who are bold enough to do it, too. Oh, that sounds wonderful, Ryana! I believe those are the books (the ones that we pour our hearts into) that will mean the most to us. <3

  5. Beautiful post, Faith :) And I definitely agree - being vulnerable in our writing doesn't always feel great, but it is so worth it!

    1. Thank you, Raechel!! It can make such a difference in the impact we make. :)

  6. “A Soldier’s Freedom” is going to be part of a series?! How cool, Faith! It really sounds like a good book. Great post too! <3

    1. Yes, a trilogy! Or at least, that's the plan. ;) Thanks, girlie! <3

  7. WHOOHOO - a SERIES! =D Amazing, Faith. And so, so true... some stories are just... really, really deeply woven inside you, wanting to be told... and it can be hard to be that vulnerable... to expose those things - maybe even a bit scary - but it helps me to remember that God can use all things for His Glory. If I'm too scared to write it, that's a lie from Satan - God's given us all a voice. Stories have to be told. :)
    God bless you, Faith! I'm so excited for you!!
    -Ang |

    1. That's the plan!! :D
      Thank you, dear. Beautifully said, my friend! You said it all right there—I have nothing to add. These stories are a gift from God, and He's asking us to tell them. <33
      Thanks, Angela!! Blessings to you!

  8. Hahaha oh my word I love this post!!! So funny!! xD xP

    ~Katja L.