Saturday, October 1, 2016

Fall is Here! // September Recap

*happy sigh* Y'all. I'm so cheerful this morning. Fall has finally found my little hollow of Carolina and I couldn't be happier. (A little chilly...but happy. <3) We had frost this morning! #firstoftheseason 

Anywho. Recap time. :D 

// Life. // 

>> I started eleventh grade this month. Which is good, but...time-consuming? In other words, textbooks are cutting into time spent with REAL books. :P 

>> I overheard two different, humorous exchanges between my brother and mom, and dad and brother. 

Tucker: (to Mom.) You want to come downstairs and play pool? 
Mom: And what? Sneeze and make the tennis balls roll across the table? (Mom is/was suffering from terrible fall allergies. Bless her heart. <3 *pats head*) 
Bro: We don't use tennis balls for pool, Mom. They're too bouncy. 

Dad and Tucker were at the table one night while Dad was going over bills for people, etc. And Tucker was perturbed to discover that apparently Dad was making more than he was an hour. 
Tucker: So how much do you make an hour? 
Dad: (calmly) Three times more than you. 
Tucker: WHAT?! 
Dad: (still calm) I'm worth three times more than you, son. 

>> I had someone inform me that because I was tired and exhausted I felt like I'd been run over by a truck. Get it? TIREd and EXHAUSTed... XP 

>> We took lots of walks up by the cemetery (yes, there is a cemetery within walking distance of our house. BE SCARED.) which resulted in lots of awesome sunset pictures. 

>> I discovered a cure for hiccups! Like, it legit works. Thanks to these two lovelies – Sierra and Hannah. I thought they were crazy for telling me to drink water upside down, but IT WORKED PEEPS. 

>> I tried to take pictures of the bathroom mirror...which resulted in a weird look from the Kid...  

The bedroom mirror ended up working out much better... :P 


>> I got an email from a Russian-accented, secret blog stalker/admirer...which was a nice distraction from schoooool. :P

// Books. // 

I got eight books this month. YAY!!! :D Two were free... 

Jilted by Varina Denman -- Giveaway. 
The Wish by Beverly Lewis -- Review book. 

And the other six? Um, yeah. CBD had a sale... 

I may or may not have stood in a chair to get this picture... #shortproblems

Anna's Crossing by Suzanne Woods Fisher 
When the Clouds Roll By & Whisper Goodbye by Myra Johnson 
Dancing on the Head of a Pen by Robert Benson 
Not a Fan. by Kyle Idleman
The Sentimental Journey: 9 

I also read seven books this month! :D 

Philippians: The Joy of Christian Living (4-week Bible study journal) by Darlene Schacht -- 4 stars 
Philippians -- 5 stars 
On Distant Shores by Sarah Sundin -- 5 stars 
This Quiet Sky by Joanne Bischof -- 5 stars 
Fitting In by Rebekah Morris -- 4 stars -- Review HERE
In Perfect Time by Sarah Sundin -- 4.5 stars 

And I beta-read Martin Hospitality by Abigayle (No official cover for that one yet, but I can't wait to have it on my shelf. :D) 

// Movies & Music. // 

>> This month...I discovered... WHEN CALLS THE HEART!! After being told by several people that it was an amazing show, I finally snatched the first couple of shows from CBD. Guys...they were right. It's SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS. We're almost through the first season. :) 

>> After seeing Amy Lane's review of The Magic of Ordinary Days, I decided that it sounded really good. And I got it from the library. And watched it. IT TOO IS SUPER GOOD, PEEPS! Go watch it and let's chat about how cute Livi and Ray are, hmm? ;) 

>> I listened to some awesome music this month... 
This is the Time ~ Superchick 
Through Your Eyes ~ Birtt Nicole 
The God I Know ~ Love & The Outcome 
One Step Away ~ Casting Crowns (LOVE THEIR NEW ALBUM! <3) 
Live Like We're Dying ~ Kris Allen 
With Every Act of Love ~ Jason Gray 
Priceless ~ For KING & COUNTRY

// Writing. // 

>> Well, well, well...would you look at that. I wrote a total of 13,241 words this month! Not bad, eh? 

3,067 words were in War Tears. (Yeah, I know. My characters feel so neglected. :P) And the rest was in twelve...different...projects. #ihaveproblems 

>> I competed the 100-for-100 challenge!! Hosted by Go Teen Writers, this was a challenge from June 1st to September 8th to write at least 100 words a day. There was a couple days off and one rest week, but... It was awesome. :D 

// Blogging. //

>> Followers gadget! This month I finally added the followers gadget to my sidebar (I know, super delayed. When I had tried to do it before, I encountered issues and...apparently just quit?) But anywho, it's up now. :D 

>> Awesome posts on other blogs... 

Thomas Reither -- Change the World?

Jesseca Dawn -- Fifteen Years Ago... 

Raechel -- Honor

Hosanna Emily -- The Life of Jesus Christ

Emily -- God Calls All Kinds 

Mikalya -- The Real You

// Goals. //

My goals for September were... 

>> Start school. (Rather inevitable, don't ya know.)    Check! 

>> Read six books. (Hopefully.)   Check! 

>> Hit 65k with War Tears. (Fingers crossed.)    Ummmmm..... 

>> Finish two short-stories. (Have to. The contests have deadlines, don't ya know.).  Well, I finished one... 

>> Make curtains for my room. *cough* (Yeah, I still haven't did that...) Uh...didn't happen...

Okay! Goals for October! 

>> Read five books. 

>> Beta-read two books. 

>> Finish the remaining short-story which is for this contest.

>> Hit 68k in War Tears. (I want to finish it by Christmas. #shrieking) 

>> Make curtains (FIANLLY). 

So. Have you read/saw/heard these books/movies/songs? Did you like how I made that all own sentence? Any special plans for October? Can you find the five hashtags hidden in this post?

~Faith <3 


  1. I so enjoyed reading about the highlights from your month, Faith! :D
    Yeah, school can get consuming sometimes. Do you have a favorite subject?
    Haha, those conversations were quite funny. :)
    Wow, those pictures that you took from your walks are so beautiful! Especially that first one. :)
    Hey, the pictures in the mirror turned out good. ;)
    Getting books is so fun! :D I hope you like “Anna’s Crossing”. And I really hope you like “The Wish”!! :) I just got it today! I’m so excited, and I might’ve already started it. ;) But what can I say, Beverly Lewis is a favorite. :)
    Out of the books you read, I’ve also read “On Distant Shore”, “In Perfect Time”, and “Fitting In”. Oh, and I’ve also read the book of Philippians.
    I am SO glad that you’re liking When Calls the Heart!!!!! :D
    Oh, I really like the song Priceless! I’ve listened to that one a lot. :)
    You’re hoping to finish “War Tears” by Christmas?!?! That’s so exciting, Faith! That’s one book that I cannot wait to read!! :D :D

    1. I'm so glad, Rebekah! :D
      Most definitely! favorite is probably history. :) Grammar isn't *too* bad, but trudging through "articles of opinion" is boring my brain. :P
      Hehe, weren't they? ;)
      *beams* I love those pictures soooo much!! :D Sunsets make for great photoshoots. :)
      Definitely better than the first attempts, huh? ;)
      Thanks! :D I'm hoping to read "Anna's Crossing" sometime soon, but yeah. "The Wish" comes first. ;) You *might* have already started it....? Hmm... ;)
      "On Distant Shores" and "In Perfect Time" were really good!! :D I'm so glad you liked "Fitting In" as well. :) Haha, yeah, Philippians. :P
      Me too!!! We'll finish season one tonight! :D
      It's such a good song! :D Did you know there's a book? And a movie coming out this month? *just discovered this yesterday*
      *squeals* Yes, that's the plan!!! :D Aww, thanks! <3 Hopefully, if I finish it by Christmas I can be ready for beta-readers by February? We'll see... :)

      Thanks for commenting, Rebekah! :)

    2. History can be fun. :) I always enjoyed grammar. ;)
      Sunsets do make for nice photoshoots. :)
      Yeah, I did start “The Wish”. I couldn’t wait. ;) But it’s really good so far! :D
      You’ll finish season 1 tonight? Yay! :)
      Yes, Priceless is a great song. Really? No, I didn’t know that there was a book or movie! I had heard on the radio a couple weeks ago about it being a movie, but I never heard anything else about it. I’ll definitely have to check that out. Thanks for letting me know! :D
      That is just so exciting, Faith!!! :D I hope all goes well for you as you finish it. :)

    3. Yes, those are both good. :) I'm looking forward to the WWII part of history this year, but that won't be until 2017 (that sounds so weird!!).
      We've had some nice ones lately. :D
      Hehehe, I thought so. ;) There's another book that I'm reading that I hope to finsih today/tomorrow and then I'm starting 'The Wish' as well. :D
      Yep! :)
      I saw a review of the book yesterday on Goodreads (the book is by Joel and Luke from FK&C) and I was like "wait, what?!" Something about human trafficking – it sounds pretty good! :D Oh, absolutely! :)
      Thanks, Rebekah! <3

    4. Studying something that you love is always fun and enjoyable! :) What are you currently studying in history? (Yeah, 2017 does sound strange. But it will be here before we know it!)
      After you told me about the movie and book I went to look them up to see what it was about. It does sound like it might be good. :)

    5. Yes, it is! Right now I'm studying the early American colonies and, recently, a lot about the Puritans. :) (Yes, I know! SCARY.)
      It really does! Do you think you may read/watch it?

    6. Oh, cool! That's a fun time period too. :)
      I don't know. Maybe. :) Do you think that you'll read/watch it?

    7. It is!! :)
      Same for me – it's just a 'maybe' right now. :P We shall see!

  2. Good job on getting the recap posted in a timely matter – I realized I missed that one. XD So I bet you can guess what I’ll be doing today. XD
    Haha, TIREd, EXHAUSTed...I like it. :D
    Beautiful pictures, all! Love the mirror pictures. =)
    Ahhh great books!! I don’t think I’ve read any of them, but they look gooooood! Especially those ones by Myra Johnson. I love sales. :D (Oh and so relate to “short problems”. Ditto!)
    Yep, “The Magic of Ordinary Days” is definitely a good one!!
    Another good Hallmark movie is “Loving Leah”. Not really like TMOOD, but still good!
    Not bad on the writing department at all! =)
    Aw, thank you so much for linking to my “Honor” post, Faith! That made my day. :)
    Best wishes on your October goals!! :)

    1. Well, this was written mostly on Thursday/Friday... ;) Haha, yep! Your's arrived in my inbox at 7:06 this morning. XD
      *snickers* It was pretty good. ;)
      Aww, thanks! Those turned out better than I expected. :)
      They are gooood. ;) Especially those 5-stars, eep! I'm really looking forward to reading those by Myra Johnson (returning WWI vet dealing with an addiction? Sounds like something I would enjoy :D). Me too! (Ahhh, yay! An allie! :D)
      It was AMAZING!! :D "Loving Leah", hmm, I'll have to check that one out. :)
      Thanks! :-)
      You're so welcome, Raechel! :) To you too!

      Thanks for commenting! :)

  3. Hiii, Faith! Nice wrap-up post! And you are very pretty, btw. :)
    Yes, FALLLLLLL! I'm looking forward to cold weather, actually. :D I just got me some new jackets yesterday, so, yes. ;) AND THOSE CONVERSATIONS between your parents and brother! XD XD So funny and real. AND WHEN CALLS THE HEART, YES. I watch it too. ;) The third season was THE BEST so far!!! CATCH UP, OKAY?!? ;) Didja know they're making a fourth season AND a Christmas movie?? AND SHORT PROBLEMS. lol I'm 5'3, but I'm taller than mom (by like an inch and a bit more), sister (an inch), and little bro (unsure XD), so I still feel slightly tall. ;D But I still have to crawl on counters to get to the high shelf in the kitchen, soooo... ;D AND CBD IS HAVING A SALE. I KNOW. *sigh-sobs* JK. Okay, SO, we got a little booklet about the sale in the mail (haha. I'm a poet and don't know it XD Okay, now I'm just being weird. XD) and there are some books I saw that I want to check out! Maybe buy? XD And then there's new music... GAH. MUSIC AND BOOKS. One of the books was called The Christmas Star by Ace Collins I think. Heard of it?

    And I did spot some hashtags. #iusethemtoo

    And Martin Hospitality - I KNOW YOU GOT TO BETA-READ. XD It sounds good...

    All righty, I'm off. (This comment is pretty long anyways, so...)

    1. Oh! And special plans for this month: My older brother and his wife just had a baby girl (they named her Ava), and they live in Colorado. So we're going to go visit them this month!!!! :D <3

    2. Hey-o, Micaiah! :D Awww, thank you! <3
      I knoooooow. Right?! I love fall so much. XD Hooray for new jackets!! :D I'm so ready to wear sweaters and jeans. XD Haha, my family members are insane. :P I LOVE WCTH!!! :D Third season, got it, LOL. ;) Fourth season?!?! Christmas movie?!?! *squeals* I'm a happy fanguuuuuurrrl. Another fellow short girl, yaysies! I'm about 5'5", but my dad and bro are 6 foot and mom is 5'11", soooo... #shortest XP Haha, saaaame!! I climb on counters often. :P OHMYGOODNESS I LOVE CBD SO MUCH. Hehe, that's totally me!! Every catalog we get from them I cover in highlighter with a,L the books I want. XD MUSSSSIIICCC. I'm currently in love with Casting Crowns new album. *whistles One Step Away* "The Christmas Star" – yes, I've heard of it! It's on my shelf actually, in all its glorious splendor. I haven't read it yet, but I plan on doing so this coming Christmas season. :)

      #mylife #prettymuch

      IT WAS SO AWESOME!!! Seriously, Abi, is a fabulous writer. :)

      Hehe, thanks for dropping in, girl! :D I grinned all the way through your comment.

    3. Awww!! <3 <3 A family visit and meeting a new niece sounds like oodles of fun! :) Safe travels!

  4. Found the hashtags. :) ... isn't For King and Country awesome? I just got to see them. Love their songs! Especially Ceasefire.
    BTW, your bookshelves photobombing your selfies look great. :)
    A Russian follower?! That's cool. Beautiful country, and I miss it.
    Awesome wrap up!

    1. Yay, someone noticed. ;) YES! Wait, you got to see them? Sooo cool!! :D Ceasefire...hmm. I feel like I should know that one, but I can't think of the lyrics.
      Thanks! :) When I was looking back at the pictures, I'm like "okay, all my junk is in the background." XD
      I'm pretty sure it's not a *real* Russian, but someone trying to trick me. :P That is soo awesome that you got to go there. :D

      Thanks for commenting, Soleil!

  5. TIREd and EXHAUSTed.
    You are joking.
    That... that is so bad but yet I can't stop giggling. xD

    Thank you for sharing because that made my night. :P

    // katie gravce
    a writer's faith

    1. I know, right?! It was a cruel joke of her. But...yeah...I laughed. :P

      Haha, absolutely! Thanks for commenting, Katie! :)

  6. Ohh, your textbooks look interesting. ;) Is that Martin Luther I see?
    Haha, that conversation between your brother and your parents is AWESOME!
    *nods* All them books look amazing! And a Russian follower sounds interesting!
    Yesss, hit 68K with WT!!! And . . . maybe finish it??? ;) No pressure, of course .. B-)
    And beta-reading sounds like fun! I love beta-reading! :D

    1. Haha, yes, that's Martin Luther. ;) Not sure why I was learning about him in AMERICAN History though... :P
      *snickers* They're all crazy. Pretty sure I was adopted in. XD
      They are! Hehe, yep, she's pretty cool. ;)
      That's the plan! *squeals* Maybe I'll even hit 70k! Or 75k!! Or 63k!! .... Okay, sort of kidding. B-) Oh, no. No pressure. Ever. From you.
      Me too! I've got some awesome beta reads in the agenda for October... ;)

      Thanks for commenting, Jesseca!

  7. Wow. September has been busy for all of us. You were much better at reading and writing then I have been this month. I think I read three books and wrote like a chapter and a half in "Ocean Mist". Yeah. >_< Thank goodness I don't have school on top of everything else. ;) Good luck in all your goals for October!

    1. Haha, so it seems! But, then again, no month is actually *slow*. Awww. :( That's unfortunate. Ahh, yes, you lucky graduate. XD Thanks!

      Thanks for commenting, Rebekah!

  8. Aw, thanks so much for mentioning my post! <3
    Hope you have a lovely October!

    1. You're so welcome! :) I really loved it.
      I plan on it; you too! <3

      Thanks for commenting, Emily!