Friday, October 14, 2016

You Might be a PK if...

In honor of last Sunday being Pastor Appreciation day, I'm bringing to y'all today a post that I've been wanting to do for quite some time. Mostly it's random facts and things about my experiences as a PK. If you're a PK I hope you can relate, and if not, maybe you can glean something for all this rambling, even if it's laughter. ;) 

First off, for all the church kids out there, you can probably relate to these sort of things... (In other words, this is some cool relatables I found on Pinterest so y'all are getting them.)

Haha, I love this. XD With the wide variety of ages in our youth group, someone actually thought we were all one family when we went hiking a month or two ago. The lady was like "wow, big family." Lady, if only you knew... B-)

Matthew and John are on a diet... B-) 

*cough* Yeah. XD

BUT. (#picturedumpover) If you're a PK, it's much more than this. If your Dad is a preacher/pastor, chances are you've experienced some of these following situations... 

// If you're like the P. family, maybe your Sunday mornings also go something like this... 

Everyone is 'congregated' (pun totally intended) in the bathroom (although there is another in the house...). I'm trying to fix my hair, Mom is trying to see in the mirror around me (advantages of being short with a tall mom. She can see over my head). Tucker is slicking his hair down/brushing his teeth (I mean, he's only been up five minutes, what do you expect?) Dad comes down the hall looking for his glasses...and realizes they've been in his shirt pocket all along. Once we finally make in to the car a good ten minutes after we were supposed to leave, Dad is in zombie-mode and Tucker gets sent back inside with the words "everyone thinks that's the only shirt you own. Go change into something decent!" And then we *somehow* arrive at church at exactly 10:00, granted no one has had food.  

(Yes. All that actually happened a few weeks ago. XP) 

// You've ever ate breakfast in the car on Sunday mornings...or trashed your room while getting ready (connecting with the gals, here).

// You have won lots of scripture memorization trivia. (It's apparently expected that it's been drilled into your head since infancy.) 

// People expect you to be perfect. (Sorry to disappoint but we *are* human...) 

// You're name WILL be mentioned from the pulpit at least every other month. Because, whatever embarrassing thing you did last week is most definitely related to Paul's ministry. 

// If someone new is there that's your age, it's up to you to show them to the Sunday school class. 

// People expect you to know what Dad's going to preach on days in advance (uh, no. Mom usually doesn't even know.)

// Everyone knows you. Usually it goes something like, "oh, that's Pastor ___'s son/daughter". 

// You get asked if you're going to be a preacher/marry a preacher. (Drop the stereotype, please.) 

// Whenever someone wants to know where something is kept at church, you often get asked. (Hey, I don't live here either ya know.) You may also get asked for a key to those little closets that no one
really knows what lives in. 

// A pool party can very quickly turn into a baptism. 

// You've had a drug problem from a young age. 

Me: We have a drug problem. 
Other person/church member: You have WHAT?! 
Me: Yeah, we're drug to church three times a week... 

You have to admit that was pretty good. XD

5, 12, and 14... YES! 

Annnndd...that wraps it up, folks! A quick shout-out to all my PK pals in the blogosphere. (If I forgot someone, forgive me. Or let me know and I'll quickly add 'em. :)) Y'all have been there. Y'all understand. *high fives* Keep on being awesome. 

  // Rebekah Eddy // Bethany R. // Jonathan Trout // Hannah // Amanda Beguerie // 

So. Are you a PK? Do you know any? Can you relate to any of the above? XD

Hope y'all are having a great week! :) God bless, 

**All photos from Pinterest, excluding post graphic.


  1. Ahahaha!! These are great, Faith! :D I'm (probably very obviously) not a PK or a Pastor's daughter, but I can totally picture all of these things. That "When your dad uses you as a sermon illustration..." image reminded me of when I got baptized - there was a small line of kids/young teens along a wall, me included amongst them, and the entire church just stared at us the entire time. From the line onward - just constant stares and chatter lol. I can only imagine what'd it be like as an "illustration".. XD

    Finally followed your blog via GFC by the way. 'Bout time. Sorry!

    1. So glad you enjoyed! Haha, exactly!! XD It wasn't *too* bad at my baptism, it was just me and an older couple and we didn't have to stand up front for long. ;) Yup. It can get very Dad telling the story of the night I was born on my sixteenth birthday...eekk? :P

      Thanks for the follow! :) Oh, no worries. That gadget hasn't been there long. ;) Thanks for commenting, Eve! :)

  2. Not a PK, but I'm an MK so I can relate to most of the stuff lol!

    1. Haha, that's pretty close, huh? :D

      Thanks for commenting, Victoria! :)

  3. Oh my goodness Faith. You totally stole my idea for a post. I can say "Amen!!" to all of these! (And then some!) This was awesome! Adored it. Thanks so much, this was a wonderful way to start my day! P.S. I met another PK. Here's her blog:

    Thank you so much for this post! I'll probably be doing one of these soonish. :)

    1. Hahaha, sorry!! XD I'd been planning to do this one forever...finally got around to it, ;) So glad you enjoyed! :D Ahh, thanks for pointing me over there – always ready to meet another PK. :)

      Awesome! Looking forward to yours. ;) Thanks for commenting, Bethany! :)

  4. Oh my gracious, these are so true. XD The whole, "Your name WILL be mentioned from the pulpit at least every other month. Because, whatever embarrassing thing you did last week is most definitely related to Paul's ministry." cracked me up. As did the rest of this. Hahaha! And the rushing out the door, frantic Sunday morning routine...I am VERY familiar with that as well. Great post!

    1. So glad you found it relatable. XD *snickers* Ahhh, good to hear!! Hahaha, I know right! No matter what time we get up or how much we rush, we end up running late, grabbing coffee and running out the door, and/or eating breakfast in the car. It's insane. :P

      Thanks for commenting, Amanda! :)

  5. The Drug Problem - that IS good. XD Haha!
    I'm not a PK, though for quite a while I was a YGLK = Youth Group Leader kid. ;) And I guess I'm kinda a PK in that my Dad is the Pastor of our own home and is licensed...he's officiating a wedding next month. XD But it's not a weekly thing, so... ;)
    Very amusing post, Faith!

    1. Haha, isn't it?! :P
      YGLK -- I love it!! :) My mom led our small youth group for awhile, so I can relate to that too. Those two summers we were always running around to pick up kids and work in the church garden. ;) Oh, that's cool! I just love weddings. :)

      Thanks for commenting, Raechel! :)

    2. :D
      Haha, yep!
      I know, weddings are lovely! :)

    3. :)
      Yes, they are! I always enjoy going to the weddings Dad officiates. :)

  6. I can relate to some of it, and I'm not a PK. But I guess I am what people call a "church kid". :)
    I love the Coke joke. Hey, that rymes!

    1. Yep! Church kids are awesome! Being homeschooled, my best friends have always been church kids. :)
      Haha, it does!
      I'm so glad, Amy!!

      Thanks for commenting! :)

  7. Hahaha! I loved reading this :D So true because I see this in my Pastor's Kids. I can relate to the one about being used as a sermon illustration. My dad was asked to teach the adult Sunday School class one morning and the youth group joined the adults. My dad totally used me as an illustration and I wanted to DIE LOL ;)

    1. I'm so glad you're enjoyed!! :D Ahh, fellow PKs are great. ;)
      Oh, goodness, that's too funny!! Yep, I feel your pain. Haha, if I've ever been used as an illustration anywhere at church other than the sanctuary, I wasn't aware of it. :P

      Thanks for commenting and sharing, Lauren! :)

  8. I had so much fun reading this, Faith!! :D
    That joke about having the drug problem is hilarious! :)
    I actually never thought about that you might get mentioned in one of your dad’s sermons. But that does make sense, because our pastor mentions his family often too. ;)
    Thanks for the fun post! :D

    1. I'm so glad you enjoyed! :)
      Haha, it's pretty good, huh? ;)
      Yeah, it happens. :P Just a mention is okay with me, but when he starts to 'tell a story' it can get uncomfortable... ;)

      Thanks for commenting, Rebekah! :D

    2. Yes, it's quite good. ;)
      Yeah, having a story told about something you did would be a bit uncomfortable I'm sure. ;) Especially when you don't know if what you do will become a story or not. ;)

    3. Hehehe. ;) is. Exactly! You just never know what might be mentioned from the pulpit. Thankfully, Tucker has a few more 'stories' than when he busted our water line one Saturday night... Dad wasn't pleased... ;)

  9. I'm an MK which also means I'm a PK (and various other things) which makes everything 10 times worse (and totally awesome).
    Fun post. :D I absolutely fell for the drug joke *snickers*.

    1. Ahh, yes. Another MK. :) I can imagine everything is much more so for you – especially if you're out of the country!
      I'm so glad you enjoyed! Haha, good to hear. ;)

      Thanks for commenting, R.!

  10. YAS. This is all so true!! XD Your post was hilarious Faith. Thanks for bringing a smile to my face today. :)

    1. *beams* YAS! So glad you found it relatable and worth some laughs, Fellow PK. :)

      Thanks for commenting, Rebekah!

  11. Haha, really enjoyed this post, Faith! I'm not a PK, but I can relate to some of the things you mentioned. Like pool-party-baptisms xP

    1. Good to hear! Haha, yes, baptisms. We've did that sooo much. XD

      Thanks for commenting, Blessing! :D