Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Hidden Gems: Deny by Tricia Mingerink

Hey everyone! :) I'm back for the second part of my reviews of The Blades of Acktar series by Tricia Mingerink. For details about all this, check out Monday's post! :D 

All lies have consequences. 

Promoted to the top rank among King Respen’s assassins, First Blade Leith Torren hides his involvement with the Resistance. How many lies will it take to protect his secret? 

Renna Faythe has done nothing but survive for the past four years, but now Leith’s courage inspires her to try to be something more. If only she could figure out what that duty might be. 

When the unthinkable happens, faith waivers. Friendships tear. What else will they be forced to deny? 

But this time, Leith faces his greatest fear. 

He can’t save everyone. 

My Review

**Minor spoilers for those who haven't read Dare.** 

When I signed up for the blog tour of book three, Defy, that included an ARC copy of the book. At which time I realized that (ahhhh!!) I hadn't read this one yet! O.O So, because it was however long until the blog tour, I ordered a copy of this book from Ms. Mingerink herself (yes, it's signed). Unfortunately, this is still the only paperback book of the series I have (wedged right there between Anne of Green Gables and Jonas & Olivia). But I'm hoping to change that soon. ^_^ 

I sped through this awesomeness in four days this May. Okay, okay, so that's not *that* fast. BUT. It was pretty good considering all that was going on at the time. XD I also dove right into Defy minutes after I finished this one. Thankfully, I didn't have to endure another cliffhanger...not for long, anyways. 

The resistance-y stuff in this one is great as well. With Shad, Leith, Renna, and Brandi's disguises...gahhhh, I loved that part so muchly!!! ;) 

As with the other books, I loved all the characters. Leith...I mean, I even love his name. I enjoyed watching him change through all of the books. :D For some reason I didn't mention Shad in my review of Dare, but I really do love him. He and his girlfriend are super cute. <3  And Jamie! Another cinnamon roll character to be sure. :) 

Like, I mentioned before, this one ends on a dreadful cliffhanger too. Like, really Leith?! How COULD you?!? Okay, I know, she told him to. BUT... *cries* It did give a lot to the story though, and open some doors for a lot of stuff that happened in Defy. So I loved that. :) Bring on the tension and pain. I can totally take it... xD  

(As with Dare, I would give a few cautions for this one. There is some darkness – I mean, we're fighting really bad dudes here. And like one murder. Kidnapping... But I would say pre-teen and up. :)) 

Another 5 star!! :D 


Have you read Deny? Check back Friday for my review of Ms. Mingerink's most recent book, Defy!! :) 


  1. I really like how each book just picks up right where the other one left off. :) Well, unless you have to wait awhile to get the next book then the cliffhangers aren't as great. ;) ;)
    Looking forward to your next review!

    1. I do too! :) It's nice to fall right back into the story instead of being like "now, what's happened since the last book?" ;) Haha, yeah...the cliffhangers are bad then. :P
      I hope you enjoy! :D

  2. I know, THAT ENDING!!! Now THAT was horrible! But this book was just as amazing as Dare. I enjoyed your review! I'm going to be busy on Friday and Saturday, but I'll try to read your next one on Sunday. Looking forward to it! I'm so happy that we share this love of this wonderful series!

    1. I KNOW!!! O.O It was nerve-wracking. Thankfully I was able to go straight to Defy, instead of waiting four months like between Dare and Deny. Yes, it really was. :) Okay, I hope you enjoy it too!! I'm so glad we do too! :D

  3. I read all three back to back since I got into them as Defy was being released, and so the cliffhangers didn't kill much. XD But at the end of Defy....*flails bc must. Know. What. Happens.* :P I cried at the part with her aunt and uncle.... D: D: so many feels there and at the end.

    And Leith is my favorite also. :)

    1. Oh, that's nice! :) I'm rather glad I didn't discover them until most of the series was released. That way it isn't *quite* such a wait!! :P I knnnnooowwww. *flails with ya* Must. Know. All. XD Me too...and the ending. I was literally an emotional wreck through those last couple chapters...

      Leeittthhh. *hugs him* ;P