Tuesday, November 3, 2015

What I Saw ~ 5

Hello everyone! Here is the What I Saw post to accompany the 5th Imagine This, as promised. :)

 Rachel cringed. He was so close she could almost feel the evil and the wickedness that controlled him. 
 Why did I come here alone? she harassed herself. Why couldn't I've just waited for the cops?
 A door, somewhere else in the old warehouse, creaked open. Barnard drug her along with him as he staggered out of the small room and over to the railing. A shaft of light fell across the cement floor, revealing the silhouette of a armed man. 
 He spun around and looked up. “Rachel!” he exclaimed when he saw her held captive by Barnard’s grip. 
 Rachel jerked against the atrocious being, knowing that she'd just became his hostage. She instantly stilled when the cold metal gun barrel brushed her neck. Barnard’s arm moved from her waist to her neck. 
 “Let her go, Barnard!” Will called out. “This isn't going to get you anywhere but prison!” 
 “Drop the gun and we’ll talk,” Barnard demanded. 
 "No, Will! Don't!" Rachel screamed. If he gave up the firearm there chances would lessen greatly. 
 Will ignored her and released the gun. It clattered to the cement floor. 
 "Shut up!" Barnard growled. 
 Rachel winced and instantly quieted as the gun tip dug into her back. 
 "You hear me, Holbrook?" 
 "Loud and clear," Will answered calmly, his eyes never leaving Rachel. 
 "If you want your gal back you'd be wise to do exactly as I say!" 
 "Whatever you want." 
 Barnard leaned close to Rachel's ear and whispered, "your husband is stupid. He's willing to do anything to get you back, when really all he's going to get is watching you die." 
 Rachel froze. He was lying to Will! He had never intended to let her go. Of course, not, she reasoned.  Not after everything I've saw. 
 As if reading her mind, Barnard added. "He ought to know by now not to believe me." 
 He then turned and yelled over the railing. "Listen up, Holbrook! If you want her you're gonna have to come get her. You leave the gun there on the floor where I can see it, and come up the stairs. If I suspect something or if you take too long, I'm not afraid to kill her." 
 "Alright, I'm coming up." 
 Rachel's heart beat faster. No, no, no! Her fingers curled around the cold metal in her right hand. Maybe there still was a chance… 
 Rachel and Barnard heard footsteps ascending the dark stairway. They stopped just around the corner. 
 "Come out where I can see you, Holbrook!" 
 Will slowly appeared, hands in the air. His probing eyes searched Rachel’s face after glancing at Barnard. "Has he hurt you?" 
 "No," she lied. 
 Barnard tightened his hold on her neck and drew her closer to him. “You played along like a puppet, Holbrook. I honestly thought you were smarter than that.” 
 “I’m surprised honesty is in your vocabulary.” Will’s words came out clear and strong with no sign of emotion. Rachel tried to catch his eye but he was watching Barnard. 
 Barnard ignored him. “I really liked you, Will. But now you're going to have to pay for your stupidity.” 
 While Barnard rambled on in a deranged manner, Rachel kept up trying to attract Will’s attention. When she succeeded, she motioned with her eyes towards her right hand. 
 Will’s forehead wrinkled as he watched her. He didn't understand. He didn't see it. Or maybe he couldn't see it in the dark room. Please, God, show it to him! 
 Once again she gazed at him and then down to her right. Will followed her eyes. His eyes were wide when he looked back to her face. 
 He understood. She sighed with relief, but this was far from over. Help us, Lord. 

What do you think will happen next? Should I finish this story and post it here? 
Thanks for reading! Leave a comment and let me know how I did. =D


  1. No, Faith. You didn't. *Looks at post* Okay, you did.
    AUGH!! Don't leave us there! Yes, finish it and post it! Or I'll send someone after you.. . B-)

    1. Just who will you send after me? Erich has his hands full with his 'information source' and David is busy as well. B-)

      Any suggestions for what happens next would be greatly appreciated!!
      Thanks for commenting. :)

    2. There is always Colonel Koby. For one reason or another he always seems to have some free time on his hands. . .
      And trust me, if you think Erich's bad---yeah, he's worse.

      What happens next?! Aren't you already supposed to know??? ;) Sorry, I don't have any ideas. :(

    3. Oh, dear... I don't like him... :)

      Exactly! I'm 'supposed' to know, doesn't mean I do know!! ;D I'll figure it out soon...

  2. Great story! I began reading and I suddenly gasped "It's Rachel and Will!!!" Then I went "OH NO RACHEL!" Please oh please oh pleeeeeeease finish this! :D

    1. Thank you, Lauren!!
      That's right, you 'met' Rachel and Will! :) I didn't think about that when I was posting this. You want to read the rest too?? *cringe* Well, I guess it's a good thing that I'm getting so much positive feedback!! =D I know I won't be able to leave these characters alone so...I'll see what I can come up with to satisfy everyone's interest. ;)
      Thanks for reading and commenting! :)

  3. Thank goodness that you ARE going to finish it! How could you possibly think that we would be okay letting you stop it there! I'm sure you'll think of ideas. :-) Just make it super exciting! Thanks for posting!

    1. I am...since y'all insist. ;) Haha, my mom said the same thing! She walked into my room and was like "did you really think you could just stop there?" For a minute I had know clue what she was talking about but then I caught on. B-)

      Thanks for commenting! :)

  4. Yes, please, please finish the story! It's SUPER exciting and you've seriously just left me on a really bad/good cliffhanger right now. Good because it's an amazing cliffhanger but bad because now I'm soooo curious to find out what happens next!! :)

    Thanks for posting, Faith! ;)

    1. I'm so glad you enjoyed it, Blessing! Hehe, aren't cliffhangers awesome though? ;D
      After I post part-5 of Being. Little Sister, I'll focus on finishing this. I've already got some ideas..... ;)

      Thanks for reading and commenting! :-)