Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Snow, Silliness, and I WROTE A BOOK // January Recap

So, yup. January has come and gone, but y'all... It was SUCH an epic month. I read a ton, wrote a ton, laughed, smiled, and learned to cherish my time better. Let's take a closer look... 

// Life. // 

>> WE GOT SNOW PEEPS! XD About 8 inches and it was so pretty. <3 

>> I paired up my friend with one of my characters. They're both against it, but whatever. #matchmaker #iwillchangetheirminds #J+Dforever 

>> My brother put my desk chair in the shower. *cough* Yeah, long story. I'm just glad he didn't turn the water on. 

>> My lil' bro was also doing chin-ups on the trim above the washer machine. And somehow knocked the laundry detergent to the floor. And demolished the spout. Mom was pleased. 

>> I saw these perfectly stacked oranges in the grocery store. And I reeeallyyy wanted to go pull one from the bottom just to see what would happen. B-) 

>> I saw one of my characters in Chick-Fil-A. (Hey, you. Stop laughing. I'm dead serious.) But it was kind of awkward because I'm like "wait, you're not supposed to be here." *nods* #awkward 

>> It has been discovered that Walmart now sells PKs. *nods* Dontcha want one? 

Ssshh. Don't tell on me. 

>> Another Tucker-stunt (I'm beginning to think he needs his on section of the recap. Adventures of Tucker, anyone?) was when he was building a fire in the old cookstove. Which resulted in a lot of smoke and coughing. But it ended well. 

>> I came up with a reward system for myself while I was writing my book. Works well. XD 

>> I learned that half-and-half is not a substitute for milk. Like, don't eve try it. *gags* (Translation: Faith wanted cereal, but there was no milk so she tried to make it work. Bad idea.) 

>> I found a flower-y thing (weed, maybe?) in the field and it made me go all deep-thinker-ly. 

>> I took pictures of myself...while sitting in the car...in the bank parking lot... (I was apparently bored.) #weirdme #mustache 

// Cherishing. // 

Yup, new addition to the monthly recaps. My 'word for 2017' is cherish, and I've been doing pretty well so far I believe. My main focus has been my time, and this month I've spent a ton less time aimlessly browsing Goodreads, Instagram, and Pinterest, which has given me more time to get important stuff accomplished. *nods* Tis a good thing. 

// Books. // 

Um, okay, so I kind of read 26 books this month. *cough* A lot of them were short (under 150 pages) but still. XD

Word After Word After Word by Patricia MacLachlan -- 5 stars 
Everlasting Light by Andrea Boeshaar -- 2.5 stars 
Joseph of Arimathea by Sarah Holman -- 5 stars 
The English Son by Wanda & Jean Brunstetter (The Amish Millionaire series 1-6, book-1) -- 5 stars 
Whispering Leaves Saga by Willowy Whisper -- 5 stars -- Review here
The Stubborn Father, book-2 -- 5 stars 
The Women of Christmas by Liz Curtis Higgs -- 5 stars 
The Betrayed FiancĂ©e, book-3 -- 5 stars 
Left to Die by Ivy Rose -- 5 stars -- Review here
Hartly Manor by Amanda Tero -- 5 stars -- Review here
The Missing Will, book-4 -- 5 stars 
The Divided Family, book-5 -- 5 stars 
Meet Caroline by Katheen Ernst (American Girl: Caroline series 1-6, #1) -- 5 stars 
The Selfless Act, book-6 -- 5 stars 
Caroline's Secret Message, #2 -- 5 stars 
A Surprise for Caroline, #3 -- 4 stars 
Caroline Takes a Chance, #4 -- 5 stars 
Caroline's Battle, #5 -- 5 stars 
Changes for Caroline, #6 -- 5 stars 
Racing for Time by Olivia Nickerson -- 4.5 stars -- Review to come with the blog tour. 
Follow My Leader by James B. Garfield -- 5 stars 
A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens -- 5 stars 
A Whisper and a Wish by Robin Jones Gunn -- 3.5 stars 
The Red Geranium by Janette Oke -- 5 stars 
The Gift for All People by Max Lucado -- 5 stars -- Review here
Secret Sabotage by Andrew Eddy, Sarah Eddy, & Tori Larson -- 4.5 stars 

I also got several books this month (AND THEY ARE LOVELY OKAY.) 

A.D. 30 by Ted Dekker 
The Newcomer by Suzanne Woods Fisher 
The Auschwitz Escape by Joel C. Rosenberg
Fan Stories from the Circle C by various authors 
Promise Me This by Cathy Gohlke
Beyond the Horizon by Jesseca Wheaton 
The Old River Road by Ivy Rose 
The Silver Flower by Rebekah Eddy

*grins* No words needed. 

// Writing. // 

Okay, so writing totally rocked this month, y'all. In case you hadn't heard, I FINISHED MY BOOK OKAY*beams* Take a look at this... 

Total word count: 27,162
Dandelion Dust: 26,354

*shrieks* I IS SO THRILLED. How did it happen? I honestly don't know. This may've had something to do with it... 

Is that me or what? XD 

Yeah, this one too. Late nights (or mornings?) and caffeine. Chocolate. Candy. SUGAR. *nods* Late nights can also lead to things like this though... 

*dies* I'm going to blame that one on autocorrect. *isnt even sure what it's supposed to be* 

// Movies & Music. // 

I re-watched the entire three seasons of When Calls the Heart (I need season four SO BAD), along with other movie re-watches like Fireproof, The Sound of Music, Beautiful Dreamer, Seasons of Gray, and some of the Love Comes Softly goodies. ^.^ 

AND NEW CDS BECAUSE MY MOM IS AWESOME. *nods* MercyMe is on repeat. 

(I'd also love y'all's opinion on whether or not I should cut this segment of the recaps?) 

// Goals. // 

My January goals were... 

>> Read 10 books.       Yup! 

>> Finish one beta-reading project and start alpha-reading another.    I conquered! I'm only one chapter into the alpha-reading project but still. XP 

>> Finish Dandelion Dust.        HOORAY HOORAY YEEESSSS. 

>> Write at least two quality posts for Chosen Vessels.      Yep! :) 

February Goals.  

>> Complete the first (and possible second) edit of Dandelion Dust. 

>> Read 12+ books. 

>> Read a minimum of 15 chapters during alpha-reading. 

>> Keep up the Chosen Vessels posting schedule of quality posts every Saturday + book reviews throughout the weeks. 

Also, a couple announcements before I check out. 1) I'll be closing the blog survey in the morning, so expect a post sometime with some results from that. And 2), there's something super fun coming up this month that is being kept top-secret. Let's just say...well, I suggest keeping a close eye out. You certainly aren't going to want to miss this. ;) 

So, let's chat. How've y'all been? Was January a good month for you? Did you get SNOW? Did you catch the section of the recap that I left out? XD 

Tootles! *passes pudding to everyone* 


  1. YEAH-YUH WOOT WOOT FOR FINISHING YOUR BOOK. :D *high fives* Also how did you read 26 books because I'm pretty sure that's probably like illegal or something. :P

    1. THANNKKSSS XD *high five* Illegal? Naw. Insane? Well yeah, probably. ;)

  2. OH MY GOSH YOU BOUGHT MY BOOK!!!! *feels so thrilled rn* *freaks out just a little*
    Ok, ok, I'm done hyperventilating about that. *cough* Don't be TOO horrified with editing needs. I did publish that book when I was like fourteen... XD
    I'm so glad you were able to finish writing Dandelion Dust!!! I look forward to reading it!! ^_^ (It looks fabulous!! :D)
    O.o 26 books?? You are amazing. I think I read...like two? XP
    Hope you have a wonderful February! :)

    1. YES I DIIIDDD!!! *is going to read it soon*
      It's so cute!! :) Naww, I won't be horrified at all. Fourteen?! That's amazingness. :D
      *beams* Aww, thanks, I'm glad ya think so :)
      Hehe, yeah... Hey, two is better than none, right? :P
      You too, Rebekah! :)

  3. *squeals* those books look amazing and I still need to get Beyond the Horizon.

    1. *grins* They arree. Ooohh, yes, you must. The cover is even more amazing when it's not on-screen :D

  4. Yay for snow!! :D I love all of your snow pictures! They’re so pretty. :)
    Your brother put your desk chair in the shower? Interesting… ;)
    Just seeing that picture of the oranges I know what you mean about wanting to take one from the bottom to see what would happen. ;)
    *starts laughing* I had no clue that Walmart now sells PKs. :) This definitely had me laughing! :D
    Yeah, I think you could have an ‘Adventures of Tucker’ section. ;) Brothers definitely keep things interesting don’t they?? Wait a second! You guys have an old cookstove?! That is so cool!! =)
    Hehe, I like your reward system. ;)
    *giggles* Umm…yeah, half-and-half is definitely not a substitute for milk. ;) I’ve never actually tried it plain, but I can imagine. ;)
    That little flower-y thing you found is pretty!
    I like your new addition to the monthly recaps! Cherishing things is definitely good. :)
    Books! So many great ones! Wow! 26 books is a lot! The Caroline series (which I need to finish), The Amish Millionaire series, “Follow my Leader”, “A Whisper and a Wish”, and “The Red Geranium” are all great! I actually got “The Red Geranium” at the library today then read it this evening. :) You acquired lots of great books too!
    Hehe, I love the book saying. ;)
    Congratulations on all of the writing you did!!
    Ahhh! I still haven’t had my When Calls the Heart marathon that I’ve been wanting to have! All of those other movies are great as well! I actually bought Beautiful Dreamer this month!
    Looking forward to all of the fun posts to come, Faith! :D
    Yum! That pudding looks good!

    1. Yayyy!! :D Thank you! Tromping around in the snow to take picture is a lot of fun. :)
      Yeah...long story there. *shakes head at his antics*
      Hehehe, I'm glad it's not just me. ;) I imagine it would've caused quite the domino effect. ;)
      *laughs with you* Yes, isn't that awesome of Walmart? You might get some strange looks if you ask someone about it, but check the furniture section and who knows what you'll find. ;)
      Adventures of Tucker would be fun...definitely make everyone laugh. :P Hehe, most definitely. YES WE DO!! :D It's old, kinda rusty, and (obviously) smokes a lot, but it's super cool and antique. :)
      My reward system was...rewarding. ;)
      *gags at the remembrance* Um, yeah. Don't try it. It's thick and...just gross. :P
      Isn't it darling?! =)
      Cherishing thing is ALWAYS good. <3 :)
      Eeps, it is!! :D *nods* Those are all sooo good! Oh, yes, finish the Caroline series! My favorite is probably book-4...such a sweet ending. :') Oh, cool! "The Red Geranium" was a sweet story :)
      *grins* Tis awesome. :D
      Thanks a bushel, Rebekah!! :)
      OH OH YOU MUST!! :D WCTH marathons are epic. *nods* Ohh, yay! :D Beautiful Dreamer is amazing. <3
      I'm so glad, Rebekah! :) Hehe, it was very good... ;)

  5. SNOW! So pretty!
    And ohmygoodness. *dies* You did NOT include that in the re-cap! *crosses arms* You know my stance on this.
    Oh, oh, yes, I know Walmart sold PKs! I bought stock in them, 'member?
    And those oranges, how can you want to pull one from the bottom?! They're all so perfect!!
    The books you bought all look amazing! ^_^ And wow, 26 books, awesome!

    1. IKR!! :D
      *look of complete innocence* Me? Include what? *inserts halo emoji* Naw, it's just a matter of time before it happens. Y'all shall be adorable. *nods* *plans your wedding*
      *dies laughing* OH!! Yes, you did!!! XD
      Um...that's exactly why I would. They're too perfect. B-)
      Yeppers! One of them is especially fabulous. :D Hehe, thanks!

  6. I love all the pictures! That flower/weed thing is gorgeous! :D And I love the picture of you with the hair mustache. That's so funny. ^.^
    "Promise Me This" - I just requested that off Tyndale. Hopefully I shall receive it soon - looks good!
    Do you have the American Girl doll of Caroline as well as the books? Hers sounds like a good story - I heard parts of it when my Mum and sister were reading them. My sister has the doll. Right now Mum's reading "Rebecca"'s stories, and I'm listening in on each of these now. American Girl stories are good. ^.^
    Lovely recap, Faith, and again congrats on finshing DD!!

    1. Thanks, Raechel!! :D Isn't it lovely? Oh goodness. *cant believe I really posted that* What can I say? I'm a dork. :P
      I got that book from Tyndale too! :D It's nice and thick and sounds amazing. Can't wait to read it! :)
      Nope, I don't have the Caroline doll -- that's a pretty one though! :D It's a really good story. :) Hehe, they are! Oh, I've read the Rebecca ones too. *nods*
      Thank you doubly, girl! :)

  7. Awesome! We've had snow here in Wisconsin since the 24th. It flurries throughout the days now but at least there is sunshine :)
    Your Tucker stories LOL. Your shower is so pretty though! (Randomness I know but I wish my family had a shower like that!!:P)
    I was unaware of Walmart selling PKs...I'll have to check that out next time haha
    Hooray for Sound of Music, WCTH, and Love Comes Softly!! Season four!! I can't wait either.

    1. Ahh, so awesome, Lauren! :D Winter weather is so lovely. :)
      *snickers* He's crazy. Haha, Mom was just saying that she wondered if anyone would notice the rock shower. ;) Yep, it's pretty cool!!
      *grins* Yep. Who knows what you'll find if you look hard enough? XD
      Yes to all of that! Eeps, I know!! :D #cantwait

  8. Aw your recap this month made me smile! My January was honestly pretty sad, except for *FINALLY* taking Seniour pics and then a couple days stay at a friend's house, and then a different friend's birthday party. But I was sick a lot this last month and kinda stressed so...yeah. Puts a damper on things lol! YAY FOR YOU FINISHING YOUR BOOK!!! How awesome!! And YES we have tons of snow here. Have had snow since October actually so... you can imagine. ;) Our church had a sledding + pizza party for outreach recently and built four sled runs outside our place. Three for the sleds and one for the tube. ;) ANyways thanks for sharing! it was fun reading. :)

    1. I'm so glad, Victoria! :) Aww, I'm sorry to hear that. Pictures, parties and sleepovers sound fun, but not sickness and stress. Here's to an awesome February for you! <3
      THANK YOU!! :D *dances*
      Ahhh, so much snow. :D Haha, yeah, I can ONLY imagine. ;) That sounds like a lot of fun! :D

      Glad you enjoyed and thanks for reading! :)

  9. Wow sounds like a fun month, Congrats of finishing your book! You must be super hyped!

    1. It most certainly was!! :D Haha, thanks. Hyped *might* be an understatement. ;)

  10. SNOW! =D PRETTY NICE. We had like flurries one day while we were working on our garden... two days later it was burning hot. Weather is weird. ;D
    YOU SHOULD HAVE PULLED THE ORANGE. LOL. Also, that writing motivation... ah. Perfect.
    You got A.D. 30!! I can't wait to see what you think. :) Nice month in books! Dang. 26 books. *Daffy Duck voice* Are you a wizard?

    1. EEPS. :D Haha, weather is very weird. We've been having warm weeks and then cooler weekends with snow here and there. *shakes head* Weird.
      WHY DIDNT I?! XD Haha! Hehe, yeppers! :)
      I did!! :D It sounds absolutely outstanding so I can hardly wait to read it :D Hehe, well yeah. :P Wizard? Not that I'm aware of... ;)

  11. Wait. Walmart sells PKs? I'd better hide. ;) Congrats on all the books you read! I'm stunned! Let me know how you like the Auschwitz Escape. I looked ahead and decided that I wouldn't finish reading it . . . :/ No, didn't snow here in central CA! But we've had so much rain! I love the hypergraphia! And on the road to the bookstore. And I could comment on every section but I'll be done. Great post!

    1. Haha, they do now! :P Thank you! I'll definitely let you know how "The Auschwitz Escape" is when I get around to it. Oh really? Something about content?
      Ahh, really? We've only gotten a little more snow and very little rain. Definitely a weird, dry winter. :P
      Aren't those great? :D Haha! Thanks for commenting, Bethany!

    2. Mostly about the ending I didn't like. I like books with endings that leave me happy . . . I won't say any more. XD