Friday, January 6, 2017

Hello 2017!

Hello everyone! Welcome to 2017! :D (Who cares I'm a couple days late?) I'm gonna share my goals for the year with y'all today. :) 

Goals for 2017... 

>> Read 12 books of the Bible and continue keeping a journal of such things 

>> Grow closer to God (always... <3) 

>> Strengthen my relationships 

>> Read 131 books, and read most of the physical books I own and haven't read 

>> Finish Dandelion Dust and War Tears

>> Write 150,000 words 

>> Publish one of my written works (yes, as in A BOOK. More on that later.) 

>> Keep a writing journal (I actually started one on the first and I'm pretty much just writing in it every couple of days about how my writing is going and whatnot :)) 

>> Go to WinterJam :D 

>> Start 12th grade #scary

>> Learn to drive a stick-shift (just wondering, but can you?) 

>> Be a better friend, a better daughter, a better sister, a better blogger, a better writer... But most of all...a better ambassador. 

What's some of your goals for 2017? Do you have any that are similar to mine? 

I'll be back sometime or another with a blog survey. But until then, tell me what you would like to see here at Stories by Firefly. Do you enjoy the monthly recaps? Would you like to see them continue? What would you like to see more posts about? Writing, books, life tidbits? Music, photography, stories? I'd love to hear! :) 



  1. These are all great goals, Faith! Some of them are actually similar to mine. :) I can’t drive a stick-shift either, but it would be good to learn. Maybe I’ll learn this year as well. ;)
    Both of the pictures that you used are so pretty! Are they from around your place?
    Oh, a blog survey? Cool! I do enjoy reading your monthly recaps and would enjoy seeing them continued. Hmmm…what would I like to see more of? Well, anything with books and your writing are great and life tidbits would be fun as well. I’ll definitely take the survey when you do it. :D

    1. Hehe, really?! :D Yes, I do want to learn to drive a stick – just so that I know how if the need arises.
      Thank you!! :) *checks pictures* Yes, the second one was taken in the field in front of the house. But the top picture was actually taken when my family was out west in the fall of '15. :D
      Thanks so much for the feedback! =) Awesome! I'll hopefully have the survey up sometime this week... :)

      Thanks for commenting, Rebekah! <3

  2. These all sound like good goals indeed. How exciting that publishing a book is one of them - I certainly hope that works out for you!! That'd be so lovely. :)
    No, I can't really drive a stick-shift. My Dad showed me and let me drive his when I was 16, and I did okay, but not great. XD I guess I know "how", I just haven't done in since I was 16. :P I haven't done a whole lot of driving either way....I did drive Dad's suburban (not a stick) down our road a month ago though. XD
    Yes, I do enjoy the monthly recaps! I enjoy all of your posts. :)
    Best wishes on your 2017 goals! <3

    1. Thank you so much, Raechel!! I hope it works out too...would be fun for sure!
      Oooh, nice. I've had one lesson didn't go well. :P I mostly asked because my little bro is convinced I'm the "only one who can't drive a stick-shift". I heard a statistic one day that the majority of people can' I had to ask y'all. XD Oh, suburbans are big! My mom has a Tahoe, so just a little shorter, and that's what I've drove the most. :P
      Hooray! Thanks!! :)
      To you too, girlie!! <3

      Thanks for commenting, Raechel! :)

  3. PUBLISH!?! =D AHH!! That is so cool, Faith! Can't wait to hear more. ♥ Awesome writing goals! War Tears and Dandelion Dust both seem like amazing books.... God be with you and your writing!! I like hearing about you writing and books.
    I've actually started keeping a writing journal type thing... it helps and is pretty fun! :D I would like to keep that, and for Bible study, start journaling for studying and everything... Yeah, journaling this year is one thing I'd like to do! ;)
    Ahh! Good luck with the stick-shift! My goal is to get my driver's permit. :)
    Happy new year. ;D YHVH bless!

    1. Eeps!! It's exciting to think about, isn't it?! Like MY book...on GOODREADS...our there for the WORLD TO SEE. :D Aww, thanks, girl! Hopefully I'll be sharing more about both of those soon... ^_^
      Hehe, journaling is such a good goal!! I've tried many times to keep a 'life journal', but I never stick with it. Hopefully I'll do better with a writing journal! And Bible note-taking/studying is always a win. <3
      Getting your permit is a great one!! How exciting!! :D
      Happy New Years!

      Thanks for commenting, Angela! :D

  4. These are all great goals.
    Winter Jam is AWESOME. I've went the last two years and look forward to going again.

    1. I've never been to Winter Jam before, but it sounds great! :D

      Thanks for commenting, James!

  5. Winter Jam is a lot of fun. Also I can drive a stick-shift.
    Happy New Year!

    1. I'm looking forward to it! Okay, you're the first. ;) Happy New Years!

      Thanks for commenting, Jonathan!