Saturday, January 21, 2017

Martin Hospitality // Cover Reveal

Hello everyone! :D Time for a cover reveal! 

Introducing... *drum roll* the cover of Abigayle Claire's amazing novel, Martin Hospitality!! :) 

*happy sigh* isn't it lovely?! 

Gemma Ebworthy is eighteen, pregnant, and alone. Now that shes been evicted, she spends the night in a barn, never dreaming that tomorrow could bring kindness of a life-changing magnitude.

The Martins arent a typical family—even for rural Kansas. With more kids than can be counted on one hand and a full-time farm, Gemma must make a lot of adjustments to fit in. But despite their many differences, Gemma finds herself drawn to this family and their radical Christian faith.

When Gemmas past collides with her yet again, she must begin revealing her colorful history. With every detail Gemma concedes, she fears she will lose the Martins trust and the stable environment she desires for herself and her unborn child. Just how far can the Martins love and Gods forgiveness go?

Available on Amazon February 4th!!! 

Author bio: 
Abigayle has been inspired to write since she could spell her own name. Her passion wasn’t completing the stories (she did that twice and decided it wasnt for her), it was jotting down the ideas.

But in 2015, a story grabbed her—one she had to finish. Inspired by a crazy dream in a genre she no longer reads, Abigayle set off on a journey to write her first novel and she hasnt looked back since.

Writing is her ministry, freelance editing her job, and reading her pastime—all of which prove that God really does know what Hes doing when He inspires a 6-year-old with a pencil in her left hand.

Come back here February 7th for my part of the blog tour, including my review of this amazing book!! :D Happy weekend to ye all!!! 



  1. EEK YES now that this I'm done with this I'm literally already prepping for the blog tour woot woot XD

  2. Aaack! It's so beautiful!!


    1. I know! The watercolor fits so well with the story :D

  3. Thanks for doing this, Faith!! I can't wait to read your review ^.^

    1. Glad to! :) Hehe, I'm looking forward to sharing it!