Monday, December 14, 2020

12 Days of Christmas || Day 1 || Intro + Flash Fiction Challenge


Happy Monday, friends and acquaintances! Welcome to the first day of the sixth year of the 12 Days of Christmas blog party <33

It's a bit difficult for me to realize that this party has been a sweet part of my Christmases for that long. I'm so happy that, in spite of some challenges and difficulties to work through, it's happening again this year. We have a bigger group of bloggers than I originally expected, several excited newbies, and I couldn't be more pleased. <33

If you're familiar with how the party works, feel free to buzz on ahead and enjoy all the posts for today. If you're new to 12DoC, let me just explain what's going on. Every day, today through Christmas, I'll be posting something Christmas-related. At the end of each of my posts will be a list of links to direct you to the blog of every other participant who's sharing Christmasy joy on that day. Sound fun, huh? :)

You'll get to know some possibly new-to-you bloggers, add to your TBR, read Christmas stories and devotionals, and be bombarded with Christmas joy. It's an absolute treat. <3

Alright, moving on... 

|| Flash Fiction Challenge

Allow me to be completely honest here. 

I haven't written anything in over a month. I haven't written anything worth reading in months. I haven't completed a whole story in over a year. 

(And she still calls herself a writer? I know, such irony.) 

BUT, I've always loved writing Christmas stories. Even though I still don't have a lot of free time, and it's now 11 days until Christmas, I want to make sure I work in some time to spin a new Christmas story. 

So here's the deal. Maybe you haven't been writing a lot lately either. Or maybe you have but you want to try something new. Maybe you're stuck with your current project and need a fresh batch of characters to work with. 

Whatever the case, I've got an idea—flash fiction. If you want to write some Christmas flash fiction with me, go for it and share it on your blog because I'd love to see what you came up with! Don't have a blog or already have your 12DoC posts planned and your blog fully-loaded through Christmas? Shoot me an email and I'll share your flash fiction here on Day 9 (the 22nd) if you'd like! 

I'm adding below some prompts I found Pinterest, but you don't have to work from a prompt. You could start with literally anything. These already have my mind whirling... :D

|| Giveaway

This year's 12DoC giveaway is a bit different than previous years, in that I'm not going to tell you all that's in the prize pack. I have several Christmasy items set aside—books, candles, hair ties, ornaments, things like that. But in hopes of making it a little more special for the winner, I'll alter the exact items to hopefully accommodate the winners likes/dislikes a little bit. And we'll probably do a first and second place winner, so go ahead and get all your entries. ;)

a Rafflecopter giveaway 

International friends... I'm sorry, loves. Shipping is unjustly expensive. If an international entrant winners, they will receive 3-4 Christmas ebooks, including Coffee Shop Christmas by Ryana Lynn Miller (a 12DoC-er!). <3 Then, the second place winner with receive the other goodies. 

|| 12 Days of Christmas

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anyone writing flash fiction with me?! 

which blog are you scampering off to first? 


  1. Hey Faith, I tried entering the giveaway but it's not working.

    1. After much trial and error, it's finally working now. Still not sure exactly what was going on... :P Sorry about that!

  2. Eep, so exciting! 😁 I love the flash fiction idea and story prompts!

  3. I've been so looking forward to this!!!

  4. This is crazy.... I picked writing prompts too for a 12 DOC post and one of them is the same as yours XD XD

  5. YAY! The party has begun . . . I'm SO excited to go read everyone elses posts =)

  6. I can’t believe this is the 6th year!! I always look forward to the party and I can't wait to see all of the fun posts this year. :)
    The flash fiction challenge looks fun, but I’m not sure I could pull something off. ;)

    1. I know—it makes me feel old xD
      Hehehe, I'm not sure what I'll come up with, but it should be fun ;)

  7. Yay, I'm so excited you're doing this blog party again! I really enjoyed participating in this last year! I've been quite out of the blogging world this year unfortunately and I'm sad I won't really be able to participate, but I might just take on your flash fiction challenge though! This might get me to actually post something on my blog again. XD

    Looking forward to reading some of these Christmasy posts! Hope you have been doing well, Faith, and are having a great Christmas season! :) <3

    1. Thanks, dear! I have been too, but it's been nice to be back :) Yeah, I think it'll be fun for me too!

      <33 A very merry Christmas to you too!

  8. I think I'll try one of these...but I can't seem to decide which one. :)

    1. I'm considering the third, but it might be more of a winter story than a Christmas story ;)