Sunday, December 20, 2015

Christmas Movies!

(This is a delightfully long post in which I shall nonsensically ramble about several delightful Christmas movies. :D)

Hello everyone! How are you this blessed Sunday-before-Christmas?? I'm doing quite well, thank you. Can't believe that Christmas is THIS FRIDAY!!! Like, FIVE DAYS FROM NOW!!! :-O AHHH!!!! How did that happen?? Someone please tell me... 

Okay, so here goes. In the bold type is the description from the back of the DVD, italics are for quotes and ordinary type is...well, anything else. :)
Warning: May contain spoilers! 

--Christmas in Canaan--
When a pair of boys with nothing in common team up to help an injured dog, an unlikely friendship begins. As they grow into adults, their beliefs are tested by the rapidly changing world and they see that it will take strong faith and family spirit to keep them together. 

This movie is so good!!! Daniel Burton, a widower with three kids (Sarah, DJ, and young Bobber) and his father-in-law, Grandpa Wiley, makes quite the interesting family. :) Add in DJ's fight with a boy, Rodney Freeman, on the school bus and you've already got the setting for something amazing to happen. ;) 
We watched this movie the other night and I made a list if my favorite quotes and other little things throughout this movie. ;) 

- How the bus driver is always saying "hurry up! We're late enough as it is." It makes me laugh every time. ;) 
- Ms. Eunice :) She is so sweet! I just love her. :) And then when Bandit finds her in the garden... *sniff, sniff* 
- The blue flowers below the porch in the scene with Daniel talking to Wiley about DJ. I hadn't noticed them until watching it this time, I think they're hydrangeas. :) 
- When Rodney tells Daniel, "Your stupid boy owes me a new book." 
- DJ having his first supper with Ms. Eunice and Rodney. Rodney: "Didn't know you white folk had a taste for skunk." Hehehe...
- Rodney and DJ rescuing Bandit after he was shot by Carl Hammer. :'( 
- When they come home from school and they think Bandit is dead because he's missing and then he surprises Rodney and then comes out of the crate and puppy-kisses Wiley. (Never mind my run-on sentence...) 
Seven years pass...
- Rodney and DJ shopping for Ms. Eunice and the Clabber Girl (It's baking powder, by the way, for those of you who don't know.) 
- When Ms. Eunice dies *sobs*
- Daniel quote: "Who do you plan on answering to on Judgement Day? The good Lord or Carl Hammer?" 
- Rodney's story about Ms. Eunice's 'still' 
- When Daniel goes to get the Christmas Angel that was his late wife's. And then Sarah follows him. I love that scene!! It's so sadly-sweet. Daniel quote: "Every year when I see this angel I say, it ain't mine to question...but still..."
- Their 'Some Christmas': "To him 'some Christmas' meant giving all those things you wanted to give, but only your heart could afford." 
- Daniel to Sarah: "You deserve something pretty with all the work you do around here, riding herd on all of us." 
(Apparently I got caught up in the story through most of the rest of the movie...;) Oh well.) 
- Wiley to Rodney: "You're family now and once you're family, no matter what, family always got a place." 
- Rodney to Daniel: "Well, I guess that's the real stumper. I mean, why would some feller be willing to do something so generous for a kid he doesn't even know?" 

--Christmas Comes Home to Canaan--
When Daniel Burton's son Bobber is struck by an automobile, he faces extensive surgery and a grueling recovery. It's then that a kind act comes back to repay Daniel: Rodney Freeman, a young man whom Daniel had raised as his own, is now a successful writer and wants to fly them both to the West Coast and pay for medical expenses. 

This movie is the sequel to Christmas in Canaan. In this movie we follow Daniel and Bobber to the hospital in California where we meet the lovely...Briony Adair, Bobber's physical therapist. 
I love the scene where Daniel calls home and asks his kids, DJ and Sarah, for advice for his date with Briony that night. ;) And then when he throws the neck tie in the fire!! :D

--Mandie and the Forgotten Christmas--
December, 1900
Miss Heathwood's School for Girls

Thrust into the chaotic and unfamiliar world of a boarding school at Christmas, Mandie finds herself hounded by new rules and regulations at every turn. Unable to grasp the finer points of high society, she constantly falls into trouble with Miss Heathwood, the headmistress. 
While visiting the school's forbidden attic, Mandie stumbles upon a mystery from which she is warned to flee. Seeking the truth will require Mandie to lie, but it just might provide the key that unlocks the memories of a long forgotten Christmas. 

This is a great, girly-fun, Christmas movie. Although it does not follow the books like AT ALL! (Hello, people? Celia was from a wealthy family and her father was killed only days before the start of school! It was Hilda that lived in the attic!). But I try not to focus on all that and just enjoy the movie. ;) 
Polly is probably my favorite character because I just love listening to her. :D

--Love's Christmas Journey--
Still mourning the loss of her husband and daughter, Ellie Davis agrees to watch her brother Aaron's children while he heads off to purchase farmland. But after a suspicious fire, Ellie finds herself playing detective – with the help of a handsome deputy – to clear the name of a family friend. Despite her worries when Aaron doesn't return, if Ellie can trust her faith, this Christmas just might bring more miracles than she could have hoped for in an exhilarating story inspired by Janette Oke's cherished Love Comes Softly novel series. 

Where to begin, where to begin. I just love this movie, oh so much. :) 

Ellie's story is so sad...*sob* I mean, really?? Her husband and her daughter? How awful!! 

Susanna and Eric...<3 May I spend a few minutes gushing over how perfect these two are?? I mean, seriously! It's like the best love story. Susanna is the mayor's daughter and Eric is the son of an outlaw. His father left him there in town several years ago, and Sheriff Aaron Davis took him in. Eric lives in the Davis' barn now and works around there. Since his father abandoned him, Eric has learned that his father is now dead. (I think Eric's father was killed in a bank robbery, but I'm not sure...*makes face*) 
Anyway. Eric is sweet on Susanna, she returns the affection, but her father does not approve. They sneak around to see each other whenever Eric is in town, and once get caught by Ellie...hehehe. 
Thankfully, all turns our well in the end and Susanna's father agrees to allow them to court. :) 

Michael, Annabelle, and Christopher decorating the tree ;)

The Mayor, Eric, Ellie Davis, Deputy Michael, Christopher Davis, Sheriff Aaron Davis, Annabelle Davis, storekeeper-lady-who's-name-I-don't-remember, mean lawyer man. :) 

So yeah. These are all amazing movie. Go watch right now. B-) 

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I'm so sorry that this post didn't get up until this afternoon. (After all it is Sunday... ;)) I was planning to finish and schedule this last night, but I watched It's a Wonderful Life with my family instead. :) 


  1. I've seen all of these movies too! :)
    My favorite one is "Love's Christmas Journey". : )

    1. Really? Cool!! :D I would have to say that's my favorite too. ;)
      Thanks for commenting, Rebekah!!

  2. The only movie I have seen is "Mandie and the Forgotten Christmas", but I've watched half of "Love's Christmas Journey". . .really need to finish that! :)

    1. WHAT???? YOU'VE ONLY WATCHED HALF OF IT??? *ahem* So, you're still hanging at the part where the mean lawyer dude is about to SHOOT Ellie?? :-O
      Yes! Go finish it! Like, tonight. ;)

      *laughing* Thanks for commenting, Jesseca!

    2. What?!?!?! Now I HAVE to watch it!!!! I actually watched the first half a year or two ago. . .and never finished it. :P

    3. How could you?? *sobs for all you're missing out on* I'm kidding. ;) But seriously. Go watch it!

  3. Replies
    1. Me too!!! ;)
      Thanks for commenting, Amy!

  4. Oh, all these movies sound SOO cool! I've watched Mandie and the Forgotten Christmas once, and I would really love to see the Love's Christmas Journey, it sounds awesome ;)

    1. Yes, it's so good!! You really should watch it, Blessing. I think you'd enjoy it. :) Have you seen the other Love Comes Softly movies?

      Thanks for commenting!! ;D