Thursday, August 2, 2018

Camp NaNo // Week Four {July 2018}

Ahh, yes, the final week of the month. Not a lot to report, so this may be brief, but my July recap should be up tomorrow. ;D Let's dive in!

day twenty-three // Monday // 1,273 + 1,080

After going to a craft fair and eating some fabulous homemade ice cream and seeing this insane sign *points to pic* I got home and settled in to write...and I finished One Summer, y'all!! ^_^ I'm super pleased with how my darling little novelette turned out.

day twenty-four // Tuesday // 170

Didn't do much on Tuesday... Went to town to the post office, which is like one of my happy places, and then got Starbucks because #yas.

I break out of his gaze, staring down at the tiled floor again. My heart pounds at the thought of putting the imagery in my mind into words, even if it would be understood instead of avoided. Even if he would listen, instead of consider me crazy and war-warped.  
But I don’t. I avoid it for a few minutes longer by responding with a question. “What branch did you serve in?” 
“The best, of course.”  
A fellow Marine.

day twenty-five // Wednesday // 265

Wednesday was my first day of work! I worked 9:00 to 2:00 and then got home in time to shower and head to church. Not much writing happened that day... :P

day twenty-six // Thursday // 107

On Thursday, I helped my mom with a painting job, and went to the pool. Again, not much writing/editing. xD

day twenty-seven // Friday // 5,695

Friday, we did some more painting and I got blood-stained hands. Oh, and I finished one book and read the entirety of another. Summer reading, for the win, y'all. <33

day twenty-eight // Saturday // 3,061

On Saturday, I got lots of reading done, quite a bit of editing, and... *wiggles eyebrows* I received the darling little business cards I ordered last week!! They're sooo pretty and I can't wait to show them to y'all in my next post...if you haven't already saw them on my Instagram. *wink*

day twenty-nine // Sunday // 3,401

Sunday was...a typical Sunday? Nothing too special, just church and lunch and lots of laughs over my grandmother's tale about her one and only plane trip...'twas amusing... xD

As we’re ushered into the house, in the space between the kitchen and open living room, another voice meets my ears. I cast a sidelong look into the kitchen to my left and find myself smiling yet again.  
Sashaying around the kitchen, Miss Lorance manages to toss together a fresh salad while waving a knife and singing along to Lee Ann Womack’s finest at the top of her lungs.  
“I hope you dannceeee.” She whirls toward the doorway—and stops mid-word when she spies three guys standing there, amused and greatly entertained. 

day thirty // Monday // 3,096

More painting. Or rather, painting a garage inside and out. And painting myself head to toe. I still have paint on my wrists and ankles and the back of my arm because it won't go away.... *taps chin*

day thirty-one // Tuesday // 0

Tuesday was rather fabulous. I admired birthday gifts from friends and family and piddled around with my book arrangements and tried to wrap my head around being an adult now and ate cinnamon rolls and pizza and watched Signed, Sealed, Delivered and it was fabbbbb. <33

(That totally wasn't a run-on. Do not doubt me, younguns.)

Camp goal: 40,000 words
Current word count: 36,863 words
Status: Didn't win...didn't even make half of my original goal...but pleased with what I did get accomplished. ;)

Yup, this post is even lamer than the proceeding three. *wink* I considered not even writing it, but moving on to my July recap without finishing this "series" would feel off to me, so here ya go. I have a couple more posts planned for the remainder of the weeks, and (hopefully) lots of good on-time posts for August!

Did you win Camp NaNo? Finish your project? LET'S TALK. xD



  1. Well, I didn’t think this post was lame, and I‘m glad you wrote it! <3
    Homemade ice cream is amazing!! :D Oh you have a Hardee’s around there. I went to one in Illinois, there’s something like exactly the same here called Carl’s Jr. The sign is the same and everything...
    Once again, loved all the snippets! <3 =)
    Okay, so you got real blood-stained hands or you were using red paint and it just made it look like it…?
    Oh, business cards? How fun!! Unfortunately I can’t see you Instagram page so I shall wait to see until your next post. :)
    I’m so glad you had a fabulous birthday, girl! Yay for pizza, cinnamon rolls, and SSD!
    Great job on all the writing, Faith! :D

    1. Aww, you're the best. ;) <3
      It really is!! Yes, we have several Hardees in the area. Oh okay! I've been to a Carl Jr.'s too, but it's not very close by. ;)
      *smiles* <33
      Haha, nope, it's paint. I wondered if anyone would question that... xD We were using red paint the first few days, and I'm like "Hey, Mom! I'm bleeding!" xD
      Yes, they're so pretty! I'll text you a picture. ^_^
      Thanks so much, girlie!! <33

  2. Another great camp Nano recap post! A craft fair and ice cream sounds like fun! And those cinnamon rolls... Yum! Can't wait for your next post! :D

    1. It was a lot of fun!! Haha, they were great...had to keep from eating them all. XD
      Yay! <3

  3. You still got a lot written/edited, so good job!!
    And those cinnamon rolls look amazing! :D Happy Birthday!!

    1. They were so good! ^_^
      Aww, thanks, dearie! <3

  4. GIRL YOU DID FABULOUS!! You did 5k in a day, too! *high five* So, so excited for your stories. :) ♥

    1. SO DID YOU, CABINMATE!! <3 Thanks so much!

  5. Congrats on what you wrote!!! I love the snippets! Those cinnamon rolls look amazing.
    I hope you have a great August! :D

    1. Thanks so much, Sarah!! Hope you have a fabulous last-month-of-summer as well!! <3