Wednesday, August 22, 2018

What Summer Means to Me.

Summer is... 


laughing until you can't breathe

sundresses and loose hair

staying up late and sleeping in

days by the pool, chlorine in your hair 

ice cream every day 

wading in the creek until your toes go numb

a hairband tan line on my wrist 

spur-of-the-moment thunderstorms

eating outdoors

flip-flops and peeling sunburns

cloudless skies

fireflies in the dewy grass

dandelions and fresh-cut grass


sunsets and sunrises and the days when you see both

cruising down a back road with the wind in your hair and country music up loud

heat and humidity

blackberries growing wild 

garden dirt between your toes and tomato stains on your fingers

books books and more books

deep thoughts

ball caps and road trips

dancing in the rain

campfire sparks against an inky sky

staying up until 3 AM to talk to people you love

open windows

being spontaneous and crazy and wild and free

Dear summer 2018, I'm not ready to say goodbye... 


  1. Ah, I love summer! So many good things to be thankful for! Great list! I'm not ready for summer to be over either... but now we get to look forward to seeing all of the trees change colors, it really is pretty in the fall! :)

    1. Definitely agree!! Hehe, fall is very pretty, but summer is so special. ^_^

  2. I love this!!! Summer is amazing. :D

  3. *Sniffles* That was beautiful! But hey, I have to admit that Autumn is my favorite season. I love cooler weather, the leaves, everyone wearing plaid, apple cider...ahh. But I'm with you, I'm not quite ready to bid Summer farewell...this one's been awesome!

    1. Aww, thanks, girl! Autumn is very is plaid. *wearing plaid right now* xD This has been such an amazing summer, for sure! <33

  4. I love this, Faith!!!
    I was saying yes to many of these things. :D Especially the books, books, and more books. ;) And staying up late of course. :) Do you guys actually have fireflies where you live?! That is so fun!! Sadly we don’t. :’( When my grandparents used to live in Illinois and we would go visit them, I loved watching the fireflies and trying to catch them then let them go after a bit. :)
    Summer has been great this year, but I’m so excited for fall and winter!!! =)

    1. Thanks, Rebekah! :D
      Ahhh, books are the best! And we totally must stay up late to finish them, sometimes! ;) You don't have fireflies?! That's tragic! :( Yes, we have lots of them in the summer. I remember running around in the falling darkness as a kid and catching them, sometimes putting them in a mason jar. <3 Aww, that's a sweet memory!
      I'm looking forward to what the rest of the year holds as well! :)

    2. I know! It really is tragic! That's so fun and what a great memory. :) Fireflies and catching them always reminds me of "Night of the Fireflies" from the SummerHill Secrets. =)

    3. Aww, yes! That was a sweet (but sad <3) story. :)